«Air! Gas-mask! «

Army commands




Borjomi remains an inexhaustible subject for study! I hope your throat is pleasantly tickled when you are savoring this incomparable water.

It is all because of the bubbles 🙂

It is not just bubbles, but the point is in dioxide! By the way, very carbon …

I remember the school’s chemistry course where I studied, that carbon dioxide (CO2) «harder» than a mixture of gases called air, where nitrogen (N) occupies the lion’s share of the whole mixture. That’s why when you open a bottle of Borjomi, it doesn’t soar, but remains firmly in your hands.

Let’s try to «feel» the aeration of the water Borjomi. Here are the devices, which we will use during the experiment: laboratory balances, a beaker, a set of weights, tweezers (it is impossible without them J) and jolly balloon. The source of the aeration traditionally would be Borjomi.



Put one «empty» beaker on the one scale of laboratory balances. Check out that it clearly outweighs the other the scale. Why do I write the word “empty” in quotes? Because it is not empty, there is air!



At first let’s balance the scales.



As you can see, this set of weights is not enough to balance. Therefore, let’s show “an army wit” and get the desired result using (sic!) water Borjomi.



Here is a true «balance with the surrounding world»:)



And here is the climax of the fest: the appearance of the “queen of evidence”! Put a balloon on the bottleneck of Borjomi and unscrew cork.



Now, gently shaking the bottle, watch the bubbles “release” from Borjomi. Restrict to the bubbles the space by envelope of the ball.



Ball markedly increases in size. Now, cautiously, in order not to “spill” remove the ball and «pour out” the bubbles.




Carbon dioxide (poured from the balloon) displaces the air from the beaker and greatly increases the weight. So it demonstrates us the losing of the balance.



People with perfect vision (or imagination) can see the shadow of the carbon dioxide flowing out from the beaker.


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