A variety of sauces in the Georgian cuisine resembles the French cuisine, but most part of these sauces is made of sour berries or fruits. Each time, giving a new sauce to the meat, you’ll relieve the monotony of life. Such sauces will give the unique Georgian taste: cherry plum sauce, pomegranate, blackberry, barberry, satsivi, satsibeli, garo, walnut and many others (by the way, Georgians like to eat lamb, pork, beef, turkey, chicken). In every Georgian house there are bags with nuts, because nuts are often used in sauces in large quantities! Sauces are eaten with meat, vegetables and even with bread and a variety of cakes. Of course, Georgian cuisine has a lot of nuances, such as regional differences (the peoples inhabiting Georgia differ a great individualism) or spices, which are typical only for this country (Imeretian saffron, hops-suneli, utsho -suneli, etc.). But these differences should be studied only in Georgia… in order to please yourself and your friends, let’s cook Georgian lunch! Let us sing songs and speak toasts!

Soup kharcho


— Beef (fatty) — 500g
— Walnuts (peeled) — 1-1 1 / 2 cup
— Maize flour — 1 tbsp
— Seeds of cilantro (coriander) — 1 tsp.
— Hop-suneli -1 tsp.
— Cayenne pepper — to taste
— Garlic — to taste
— Tklapi (about a cup of slices) or tkemali sauce or 100 ml of pomegranate juice, or 10 pieces of fresh (frozen), cherry plum.
— Salt.

Wash and cut into small pieces fatty beef, put it in a pan, pour 2-2,5 liters of cold water and remain it to boil. At the moment of boiling remove the foam using a slotted spoon. After 2 hours of cooking time put some crushed walnuts, ground peppers, garlic, salt, corn flour, diluted with a little of broth, sour pita (tklapi) (or proposed ingredients for replacement). Boil no more than 5 minutes and add crushed coriander seeds, hop-suneli (if possible) and continue cooking for 5 minutes. After that let it draw under the lid for 3-5 minutes.

Mchadi – flat cake for first and second course:

It is very easy to make the dough: pour cold water in sifted cornflour(you can add milk and 1 egg), add a pinch of salt and knead the dough (consistency of a cutlet). Wet your hands in water, take a little dough, give it a shape of a ball, flatten out, put on a hot pan, cover and bake. When one side is baked, turn mchadi the other side and continue to bake without the cover. Also Mchadi can be baked on a baking sheet in oven. Serve hot or cold.

Beet Appetizer


• 2 medium beets
• Bowl of nuts
• 2 cloves garlic
• 2 tbsp. of red wine vinegar or pomegranate juice
• 2 sprigs of cilantro and parsley

Peel pre-cooked beetroot, grate it. Grind shelled walnuts, salt, herbs cilantro, garlic (I use a blender). Add salt and pepper to taste in beet, vinegar or pomegranate juice. Mix all. Put in a bowl and sprinkle finely chopped parsley. Ukrainian women make a similar snack. But they add also prunes! I recommend the salad of beets to any feast, it really helps speed up metabolism!

Pkhali is magnificent Georgian appetizer. A lot of recipes of Pkhali are made of vegetables: cabbage, spinach … But we will make for our lunch…

Mushroom Pkhali

mushrooms — 1 kg
Nuts — 200-300 g
Onions — 1
Garlic — 1-2 cloves
green coriander — 1 bunch
savory herbs — 2-3 sprigs
utsho suneli, Imeretian turmeric — 1 tsp
Vinegar — 2-3 tablespoons
hot red pepper, salt — to taste

Boil mushrooms. Cut mushrooms not very finely. Ground nuts in a meat grinder with greens. Chop onion very finely. Sprinkle with salt and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then squeeze in order to get rid of bitterness. Squeeze garlic. Add onion, garlic, spices, vinegar, hot red pepper, salt in the nuts. Mix well until smooth. Add it in the mushrooms and mix well again. It is better to prepare Pkhali in advance so that it is well soaked.

Then you can serve up barbecue and lobio (see previous posts)

And now… dessert!


pitted dates — 300 g
Almonds — 100 g
Walnuts — 100 g
sugar — 1 tbsp
Honey — 50 g

Ground dates in a meat grinder with a very fine grid. Fry nuts, remove peel and finely pound. Mix dates and nuts. Melt honey and sugar, boil them for a while and mix with a date-mass. Mix well, take the form of sausage, tightly wrap in food cellophane. Put in refrigerator and chill for 2 hours. Then cut into slices. Store in refrigerator.

And now, guess what mineral water will be appropriate for your feast? Of course, it is Borjomi »!!!!

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