Experiment #19



Imagine that today is the day when everything works and turns out well and your soul rushes to fly! During such moments you want to make happy the whole world… and someone else 🙂

Let’s test the enchanting effect of «Borjomi» on example of one little drop.


We will need the test tube, pipette Pasteur, «medical» alcohol (C2H5OH), sunflower oil and Borjomi for the experiment.


Pour 20 ml of alcohol into a test tube and using a Pasteur pipette put a drop of oil into the test tube.


Because of the fact that the density of oil is bigger, the drop falls to the bottom of the tube (in the borscht oil droplets spread over the surface).


Gather life-giving Borjomi in the pipette and gently pour it into alcohol. During the pouring the density of the solution changes and a drop of oil takes a spherical shape.

Continue to add Borjomi. Drop slowly, but surely, rushes up! If add some alcohol, the drop will fall on the bottom.


Borjomi keeps us afloat:)





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