Tourists know about town Brzheznitse only because of the castle, which is located there. If you believe the guide books, there is nothing to do except visiting the caste. And that is pure lie, my friends. Because except the castle there is town fair there. The only pity is that it is organized not every day.



On the one hand, fair is an aesthetic pleasure. There is a crowd of buyers moving from one tray to another, busily choosing and rolling their eyes with pleasure.

On the other hand, there are a lot of sellers lavishing their goods and sometimes furiously trading. All this lasts from early morning till dark without interruption and without pausing for a moment. Voices merge into a single vociferous roar, which hangs over the fair as strong as the smell of honey and apiary. By the way, in addition to the Czech speech here you can easily hear English, German and Polish. And even more: Italian and Chinese.





Also at the fair in Brzheznitse a visiting person will have quite a physical pleasure. I would even say — hedonistic pleasure. Something like an outflow of saliva and quite rumbling in the stomach. At this fair I tasted everything that was for free. And it was my biggest mistake. Because I was too greedy. There were more than 500 varieties of honey. And a lot of sbiten, mead as well as sweets and other goodies, the main ingredient of which is honey.

In fact, if I were not the one, who has a sweet tooth, visiting the fair would have passed in a very businesslike manner. I could approach to every counter with words: “Do you have buckwheat honey?” And if there was no buckwheat, I could go further. But if there was, I could taste it.

But I cannot do that! Because all the sellers are offering to taste their honey. It is honey! — Oh, hold me! — Mamaaa!

But I could manage to found buckwheat honey. And in many stalls. I have even bought 20 liters of honey in a wooden barrel. The mustached salesman (well, and the beekeeper at the same time), was happy as a child and he has not only given me a good discount, but also volunteered to carry the honey to my car. This assistance was very useful: I have eaten too much honey, so I could hardly breathe. My only dream was to get to the bottles of Borjomi and immediately drink it in one gulp in order to get rid of indisposition caused by such a big amount of honey.

Well, I have told the story of visiting the fair in Brzheznitse in details, so you might think that this fair was the eighth and the only wonder of the world.

But in reality such events in the Czech Republic happen often. If you want, you can visit such fairs once a week in the Czech Republic. And every fair will be thematic.

It is very cool for city to have «bio fair».

So the government tries to organize such events. Governors invent occasions (in the calendar there are more than 300 holidays each year), organize farmers and beekeepers, equip the grounds, invite ethnic groups to entertain the audience. So, governors promote the development of trade fair tourism.


So comrades, I strongly recommend you to visit the Czech trade fair. Because the fair is not the market. First of all, you should visit a fair to get positive emotions. And on the last place you should go there to buy the goods.

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