Georgians speak Georgian language! It seems to be nothing strange in this statement. But it is only if you do not know what the Georgian language is. In Georgia there are three languages (which are somewhat different from each other) and the man, who knows only the official language, almost doesn’t understand the other two ones. Of course, most of the population speaks Georgian literary language, but in everyday communication (especially in rural or regional centers) such languages are widely used: Megrelian, Svan and the language of Kartli (a kind of everyday Georgian language, the most widespread of all the above). There are also other dialects; one of them is Laz language, who is spoken by the inhabitants of the southern shores of the Black Sea.

I am “Russian-speaking blonde” and it is beyond my power to comprehend the evolution of the Georgian language. World’s famous linguists also cannot understand all details about Georgian language. There are various hypotheses about the fact that the Georgian alphabet was formed from the Aramaic, Greek or Coptic writing, and language is the result of mixing the language of the feudal lords and the people’s dialect. There were even 3 kinds of alphabet, which were used for various public tasks: secular, religious, etc. The influence of Persian, Turkish and Russian is not rejected, but debated. The main thing is that “the Georgian language is capable of expressing the abstract thinking. It easily gets used to other foreign languages, and it easily “absorbs” the achievements of thought and of other nations» – says one of the encyclopedias about Georgian language.

Modern Georgian alphabet has 33 letters. There is an interesting feature: there are no capital letters, but if the word is written without upper and lower offsets (as if between two parallel lines), that means that it is some proper name. Pronunciation in the Georgian is simple, sounds reminiscent Russian except for one or two difficult ones. There are no illegible letters, so the text is read as it is written. Also there is no gender, which makes the process of studying easier.

There are singular and plural number. The plural is formed by adding “-eb-” before the final vowel, for example:

dana — danebi knife-knives

gazeTi — gazeTebi newspaper, newspaper

Generally, the hardest thing in Georgian language is a verb. For example, it has the form of animate and inanimate. There verb also can show the object, who makes the action and object, for which action is being made. The verb can express compulsion (what thing motivated the action). Many other features of verbs will become clear in the process of studying of language. There are 5 vowels and 28 consonants in the Georgian language. Sometimes it is difficult to pronounce Georgian words for non-trained vocal apparatus. Well, try to play with your friends in the pronunciation of a clarion call of people of Tbilisi – “Vbrdgvnit!” In this word there are 7 consonants in succession and the word means “to tear to pieces”. There is also a word with 8 consonants in succession — «gvprtskvnis» (“it purifies us”)))) so, train yourself, friends)))

And now let’s learn a few words in Georgian, which will help us to communicate!

Hello — Gamardjoba

Hi — Salami

Mrs. — Kalbatono

Mr. — Baton

Friend — Megobaro

Girl – Gogona

Very good — Dzalian kargad

Not well – arts tu ise kargad

It will be very interesting to me — es dzalian saintereso ikneba chemtvis

I want to explore the city — Minda kalaki davatvaliero

Thanks — Gmadlobt

Thank you very much — Didi madloba

You cannot — Ap sheidzleba

I do not want — Ar minda

Goodbye — Mshvidobit

Today we will not cook lunch. Let’s just drink Borjomi and relax.

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