Life in Prague does not stop at nightfall. It is like in Moscow — Never sleep. No matter if there are tourists or no.

As I said before, for the Czechs Prague is one thing, the tourist is another one.

So I asked myself: “Where do native people of Prague relax?”

So I did some researches and asked few persons.

And here is the picture of situation, my friends.

There are no clubs in Prague, which are considered to be prestigious for all. But there are theme clubs. How do you think, what thing determine a theme of club? You are absolutely right: the clubs divided by the style of music.


And here we have the following picture:



People of Prague advice to listen to rock music in such clubs: Harley’s Bar, Rock Café and the Lucerna Music bar, where different celebrities often perform. And the entrance to the concert usually costs very little money (compared with stadiums concerts of course).



I advise fans of jazz music to visit such clubs: Ungelt, Charles Bridge Jazz Club, Reduta Jazz Club, as well as a jazz bar on the water — Jazz Dock. In these clubs Czech jazz and foreign jazz is performed. The atmosphere is always wonderful.

I only name the clubs, because they all are well-known and if you want to find out more, you can find all the information in the Internet.



But they all are flowers, which are invariably paling before the abundance of places where club life really boils. In such clubs a lot of famous DJ-s and labels perform, including many top stars. The most famous club in Prague (where such kind of music is performed) is club SaSaZu.


Taking into account the reputation of the stars, the price for entrance is quite high. Although, in Moscow you will not see such show for the same money. In the second division simpler clubs lined up. Mecca, Duplex, Misch-Masch, Roxy and Radost FX. Sometimes superstars come here to perform, but usually local guys work. There are two features that distinguish these clubs from SaSaZu: the first is that they are open almost always (as opposed to SaSaZu, which without special guests work as a restaurant). The second one is that they are not so glossy. Some of them (I will not point) look like Augean stables. It turns out, that for Europe it is normal and no one is confused by this fact.

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