10 unusual flavor combinations

These culinary secrets are known to most chefs, but ordinary housewives hardly know them. Unexpected combinations of familiar foods can help you to breathe new life into the favorite dishes.

10. Carrots and sugar


Add sugar to vegetable dishes? But who does that? The French. Sugar is a standard ingredient of vegetable dishes of French cuisine, especially carrots. In France carrots and sugar are called «Vichy Carrots», because this dish consists of carrots, salt, pepper, sugar and water of Vichy source. Potatoes are fried in the usual way and then at the end of cooking add sugar to carrots in order to cover them with a light glaze (in another version of recipe at first carrots are boiled in hot mineral water Vichy, and then are stewed with butter and sugar). This is an excellent garnish for meat and fish; due to its cheerful orange color, it will liven up any table.


9. Coffee and Salt


Do you like coffee? Try to add a pinch of salt to this drink. Contrary to popular opinion, salt is added not only in dishes with meat, fish and vegetables. Salt is a popular ingredient of many desserts and pastries (such as pudding). Pinch of salt would be enough to make an unforgettable taste of espresso.


8. Tomato and sugar


When you are cooking tomatoes, just try to add salt instead of sugar. Unexpectedly? The fact that tomatoes contain a lot of acid and salt only increases the acidity. But the sugar will neutralize it and emphasizes the pure taste of tomato. All in all, tomato is a berry. But with what ingredient do we usually eat berries? …


7. Chocolate and coffee


When you are cooking batch with chocolate, add a pinch of coffee: it will emphasize the taste and aroma of chocolate, modestly undetected.


6. Meat and anise


When the next time you will simmer or roast meat, add one star of anise, so the taste of aniseed will be unnoticed, but the taste of meat will change! This culinary secret belongs to Heston Blumenthal, the owner of the popular restaurant Fat Duck (3 Michelin stars), which is considered to be the best restaurant in the world.


5. Tomatoes with leaves


Add washed leaves of tomatoes to a salad or vegetable ragout, because they are the source of this spicy scent, for which we love tomatoes. It would be enough to tear a couple of tomato leaves and add them to the prepared dish with tomatoes. Taste of the dish will be more bright and saturated. (Hmm, I thought that the leaves of tomato are poisonous …)


4. Potatoes and nutmeg


During the process of cooking potatoes, add a little amount of nutmeg: it will improve the taste of potatoes, practically without changing it. This flavor nuance is likely to remain unnoticed, but everyone who tries this dish, will ask for supplements. The main thing is to not overdo it.


3. Chili and chocolate


Try to mix the chili pepper and chocolate. Chocolate highlights and emphasizes the rich taste of chili. This culinary secret is well known in the southern U.S., where chili is combined with the most unexpected products, and it is commonly used for making pastry.


2. Apple and vanilla


Apples contain a lot of acid, so they are often eaten and cooked with sugar, honey or jam. Many people add nutmeg and cinnamon to dishes with apples and baked apples, but the vanilla adds depth of flavor to apples and a special nuance that is hard to define, but impossible to notice and appreciate.


1. Strawberry and pepper


Fresh strawberries are usually served with sugar or powdered sugar, but if you turn this classic duet into the trio and add the pepper, the taste of strawberries will get a piquant pungency.

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