Spring is about to come, and we will enjoy the sun, spring flowers and nature. It is a very favourable time to take care of the skin, get rid of pallor and little wrinkles and to return bloom brightness of face.

What does the spring diet include?


We all know that our lifestyle and nutrition affects your skin. Some products can do harm your skin, and some products can make the skin clean, supple and smooth. The paradox is that it is much easier and faster to damage the skin, than to restore it. The general rule: food should be simple and without flavor enhancers. Few people like oatmeal, but if you eat oatmeal for breakfast for a week, it will positively affect on your skin. Include in your diet a lot of vitamins: fruits, vegetables, fresh juices. And try to take at least 2 liters of mineral water per day.


SPA-Body Care


Bath with lavender and lemon grass: mix a handful of dried lavender flowers with lemon grass. Tie the mixture in the rag bag and put it in a hot water bath. Or you can pre-make a brew in a large bowl and then pour it into the bath. The result of this procedure: a bath soothes and relaxes the body.




Every person is accustomed to his\her own facial cleaner. Nevertheless, you should try this recipe:


Japanese women have their own way of cleaning the skin: firstly, they apply oil on the skin (any oil, which is suitable for the skin), then they gently massage the face in order to absorb all the dirt and makeup. After that they clean the face from oil using wet pressed wad of cotton wool. The second stage is washing with cleaner. And the third stage is tonic. In such way the skin should be cleaned twice a day. Skin will immediately feel gentle care.

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