Laboratory and shooting stage have changed the deployment and as a consequence, the interior. However, the object of experiments is still the same — it’s Borjomi!

According to ancient prejudices, the number of current experiment suggests a veil of mystery and mysticism. So let’s find this «weird» thing and commit to the analysis 🙂


It is well-known fact in mathematics: 2 +2 = 4. And it’s true! But in real life? 2 barrels of honey + 2 tablespoons of tar would be 2 barrels with… you know with what. Well, but if you take 100 grams, although the exact milliliters (ml) of water and 100 ml of «fire water», then when you merge these two components, you will definitely get 200 ml. So let’s verify the validity of this fact in practice.


At first measure off a glass of 120 ml of water Borjomi. Pour into narrow-necked flask.



According to the fact, that alcohol has no color, you should add a bit of green color into the standard pharmacy bottle of alcohol (100 ml).



«Slowly and sadly» pour 100 ml of alcohol into 120 ml of water Borjomi.


So how much mixture should be in result? Well, it’s arithmetic, Watson, 120ml +100 ml = 220 ml.


Mark the level of the mixture and close the flask tightly with the stopper.


Now twirl the flask with the mixture two times.

Watch carefully and after that don’t say that you haven’t seen it!




The level of liquid in a closed (!) flask differs from the level, which we marked at the beginning. Actually, the decrease was several mLs!


Now you understand how complex and ambiguous could be the life of so-called «vodka kings»? 🙂

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