Massage mat made of the covers of the bottles



All of you buy in stores plastic bottles of mineral water (Borjomi for example) or something else… Empty bottles are usually thrown out … with lids. It turns out that if you do not throw away the covers of bottles and if you collect enough amount of them, you can make o a lot of interesting things. One of them is a massage mat, which can be rotated to different sides.

Such mat can be put near the chair in front of the TV and you can put your tired feet on it after a hard working day. You can walk on it periodically within 5-10 minutes. The projection of all the organs is represented on your feet, so when you are massaging the feet, you give charge to the whole body.

If the mat does not fit into the interior, you can remove it in the closet or put in the bathroom.


Also bright and festive coasters mugs can be made of these covers.



To make such mat you will need covers, awl and fishing line. Here is the scheme of the construction. As the example a small coaster was taken. It is based on a hexagon. If you want to make a coaster, three covers should be placed along the length of one side. For the mat you will need approximately 10 – 12 covers.

In summary, the coaster requires 12 covers (3 +2 +2 +2 +2 +1), and the mat (with a length of the hexagon in 10 covers) requires 54 covers (10 +9 +9 +9 +9 +8). So, the number of covers in the 1 side is multiplied by 6(number of sides) and minus 6 repeated covers. In the covers pre-pierce six holes using an awl. Then put on a fishing line 12 extreme covers. And then start to interlace covers with fishing line as it shown on the picture.




Continue to interlace the covers by threading the line into the holes.



A fishing line is one; the process of constriction is shown in different colors in order not to be confused thread. If the fishing line is not enough, you can increase it by tying together several pieces.


In order to make the construction an interesting and colorful it would be better to select and lay the lids on the floor or table.



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