On the 22 of March the planet celebrates World Water Day. For the first time the idea of appointing such a holiday was announced at the UN Conference dedicated to the Environmental Protection and Development (UNCED).

This event happened in 1992 in the sunny and hot city of world famous festivals — Rio de Janeiro. The UN General Assembly in 1993 adopted a formal decision about celebrating the World Water Day, reminding all residents of the planet on the meaning and importance of water in life on Earth. It was approved to celebrate this holiday on March 22.

Since 1993 people started to celebrate World Water Day. This day the organization of environmental protection applies to all existing in the world nations to pay greater attention to protect water resources of the planet and carry out concrete actions at national level. Every year the UN appoints a specific division of their own organization, which will monitor compliance with the rules of the World Water Day.

This day every year a new problem of water pollution on the planet and a call for its decision is rised.

But the main purposes of the holiday remain unchanged. They are:


• To assist and to take measures about problem of supplying the world’s population with drinking water;

• Disseminate information about the importance and the need to protect water resources and drinking water;

• To involve a lot of countries into the celebration of World Water Day at official level.

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