Spring is a time of tenderness, flowers, romance and love … Unfortunately, it is also a time of cold, influenza, beriberi and other diseases. There is nothing more repulsive than to get sick in spring, when the sky is blue and the sun shines brightly through the window. What danger did spring prepared for us?

In the spring important processes, such as metabolism, cell renewal and blood flow become more active, but a weakened immune system during the winter barely manages to cope with it.

We refer to beriberi, but we do not know that beriberi is a serious disease caused by a severe shortage of vitamins. In fact, it is an ordinary vitamin deficiency. In the spring people usually suffer from sleeplessness, tiredness, depression, chronic fatigue syndromes — all these spring surprises complicate our lives and affect on our appearance.

From the beginning of the spring include in your diet products rich in vitamin C: sour cabbage, lemons, kiwi, oranges, pineapples, apples, black currant, rosehip drink broth and fresh juices. These products support the immune system and return the healthy complexion.


You can prevent the exacerbation of diseases (concerning the functioning of the digestive tract) by drinking mineral water, giving up smoking and drinking alcohol and soft drinks.


There are a number of diseases, which are usually aggravated in the spring:


respiratory system (asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis);

digestive tract (ulcer, gastritis);

skin (eczema, psoriasis);

joints (arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism);

urogenital system (cystitis);

vascular (hypertension, hypotension).


If you want to pass spring with minimal losses, be sure to turn attention to your diet:


Eat only natural food, eat less meat, fatty and smoked products. Include in your diet fruits and vegetables. Find time for physical training (gymnastics, walking, running, water sports and so on).

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