World Health Day is celebrated annually on the 7th of April when the World Health Organization was created (1948).

During this time 191 states of the world have become the members of the World Health Organization (WHO). Annual celebration of World Health Day has become a tradition since 1950. The events of this day are held for people to make them understand the importance of health in their lives. The task of health care organizations is to decide what they need to do to improve the health of people around the world.

Every year World Health Day is dedicated to the global challenges facing the health of the planet and it is held under various mottos: “Safe Blood Start with Me”, “Move for Health”, “Safe Motherhood”, “Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change”.


In 2011 the theme of the event is “Anti-microbial resistance: no action today, no cure tomorrow”. Medicine is concerned that the resistance of bacterial agents of infectious diseases to antibiotics is one of the main reasons of limiting the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy. WHO believes that nowadays it has not yet become a serious problem, but the situation in the world is changing rapidly, so in the near future the problem may become relevant. That is why it is necessary to take urgent and concerted effort in order to prevent the spread of resistance to antibiotics.

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