In March when the sun begins to shine, the metabolism does a desperate attempt to activate its work. Huge amount of hormones is thrown into blood. However, it only complicates the situation: hormones make chaos in the balance of minerals and vitamins in the body, so a person feels more tired and broken. It is the so-called spring fatigue.

But we can help the body come into balance. The main thing is to include in the diet a lot of fresh vegetable products. Thus, the body will get enough vitamins and minerals.

Scientists and nutritionists offer a simple method: it is necessary to buy different colored foods. The motlier your plate is, the better your nutrition. Colorful products have different biologically active substances.

Experts in the field of nutrition advise to eat fruit and vegetables, which have 5 colors: yellow, red, brown, green and orange.


Green — cheerfulness

On the one hand, the reason of it is in calcium (for example, peas, broccoli), which invigorates. On the other hand, the reason is in the ballast substances (for example, cabbage), which promote the release of the organism from slag.


Yellow — energy

Almost all yellow fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, which renovate the immune system after a long winter.


Red — power

Red pigment and vitamin B give red fruits anti-stress properties. In addition, many of them protect against heart attack and cancer.



Brown — health

Nuts are the source of strength, because they contain a lot of protein. Thanks to protein, human for a long time does not get tired.


Orange — fresh

All citrus fruits contain an aromatic substance that promotes the release of the body from harmful substances. Orange fruits are ideal for good metabolism.


You should include vegetable oils and products from grain in your diet. Also it is better to give up eating meat and drinking alcohol for some time. In addition, experts advise taking plenty of liquid: at least two or three liters per day in order to activate the kidneys. Ideal beverages are mineral water, fruit and herbal teas, natural fruit and vegetable juices without sugar.

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