Have a rest, forget about the troubles and organize a spa resort at home


From morning till night on the feet, run round like a squirrel in a cage, all these home duties, children and work. And there is no opportunity to go somewhere at the resort or visit a spa – salon. There is nothing to worry about, because sometimes you can organize a spa at home. In such way you will rest from urgent life and you will stay with yourself for a while, which is very important thing. It is necessary to plan the day as if you’ve been on vacation. But how can you organize the day rightly?

Spa at home


Try to throw out all your thoughts about troubles, disconnect all the phones, because they can destroy your bliss at the most unexpected moment. Also you should buy scented candles: they are necessary in order to feel the fragrance of harmony and unity. To begin your joy, fill the bath with water and let it be foam. To make foam you can sacrifice a bottle of expensive shampoo and also you can buy one rose flower and add the petals into the bath. Now you can luxuriate in the bath absolutely as long as you want. In order to keep up the foam leave a small trickle of water: the sound of water and maintenance of foam in the bathtub. Indescribable pleasure.


Health spa at home


You can use the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty. To do this you should pour into the bath two or three L of milk and a few spoonfuls of honey: three or four tablespoons would be enough. And you will realize that such bath is a truly royal invention. The skin becomes extremely soft and smooth. Once you luxuriate in the bath, put on a bathrobe: this material creates a pleasant feeling. Go to the mirror and tell yourself a few compliments about your look. Such action helps to cheer up; good mood is a pledge of thing that the day has passed not in vain. Prepare a good tonic beverage. To do this you will need a bottle of mineral water and fruits: lemon, orange, apple and grapes. If something is missing, there is nothing to worry about. You can add those fruits that you have at the moment. Pour mineral water into a jug and add fruits. Put it in the refrigerator for 15 — 20 minutes and the beverage is ready. It is not only delicious, but incredibly good for your health. This drink can be prepared and you can have it daily. It reliably protects your body from viruses invading that cause diseases. Try to think about good things (it can be fantasy), but try not to think about pressing issues. Psychologists believe that everyone should have one day for herself or himself: it helps to improve the human consciousness and feel independence at least for one day. Remember the main thing: even daily care can wait. You should not forget about yourself. Every day you can give yourself a little time. Soft music and fragrant bubble bath will give you a little time, which was spent on yourself.

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