Beverages of youth

I would like to offer some recipes of beverages in order to help you always feel great.

It is especially important in winter when there is a seasonal depression, and in spring, when there is a lack of vitamins.

Cocktail “Rejuvenation”

Mix 50-100 ml of citrus juice with a glass of hot water, add 2 teaspoons of honey and ground nuts. All these components will help you quickly restore power and look great when you are tired.

Vegetable Cocktail

A mixture of vegetable juices contribute to the rapid removal of accumulated toxins in your body. Especially healthy would be vegetable juice made of celery juice, beet juice and 1 teaspoon of juice of watercress. This nutritious mixture should be taken within a day, alternating with mineral water. It perfectly strengthens veins, stimulates metabolism and improves skin condition.

Cocktail “Cheerfulness”

In order to be cheerful and look great, you should have tea made from twigs of cherry. They are prepared in early spring when buds swell. Cut a length of about 8-10 cm, gather in a beam, hang up at home in the kitchen and let it dry.

Cut a twig of cherry into pieces of 2 cm long, put them into a saucepan for 1 / 3, and add boiling water to the top. Boil for 10 minutes over low heat, let it draw wrapped for 1 hour, strain and take it as a tea 3 cups a day (it would be good to add honey). Have it during 2 weeks, and then take a break for 1 week. Repeat the course again. The broth rejuvenates: it improves complexion, puffiness and bags under the eyes disappear, hasten metabolism. This beverage also improves mood.

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