In the thousand and first time you give yourself a promise not eat at night. But the closer the night, so unbearable you want to eat. Before your eyes now and then «tasty» images come up, and the legs themselves drag you to the fridge. A little bit later, after committing the «crime», you get the feeling of hopelessness; culinary images are replaced by heartbreaking visions of your rounded belly and hips. It is familiar, does not it? Is there anything you can do with it? You can! And our tips will help you.

1. Deceive your stomach with fluid. Drink a glass of Borjomi, tomato juice or a cup of green tea. The liquid will fill your empty stomach and blunt the feeling of hunger.


2. Take a hot bath. It reduces appetite and relaxes. The increased sweating at the same time helps you to remove the excess of fluid from the body.


3. If you feel that hunger became unbearable, do exercises. Physical exercises will distract you from intrusive thoughts about going to the fridge, and burn a few extra calories. In addition, immediately after exercise your appetite will decrease. But do not overdo it with the exercises, because maybe you will be hard to sleep.


4. Aromatherapy will help you to abate your appetite. Once you feel an urge to eat, smell a grapefruit rind, light a scented candle or bring the bottle with some aromatic oil or perfume to your nose. Floral and fruit aromas are especially effective. Hunger center and smell center are situated close to each other, so smells will help to abate the feeling of hunger.


5. Immediately after dinner treat yourself with light dessert such as fruit, low-fat yogurt or a small piece of dark chocolate. It will raise your mood, and post-taste will help you in the fight with your appetite.


6. During the last meal never add to a dish spices, as they increase appetite and exacerbate the feeling of hunger even after the meal.


7. Never keep high-calorie foods at a prominent place. It would be better if you put the fruits or vegetables on the most accessible places, because if you fail, such snack will be not so terrible.


8. Take a walk before bedtime. This will distract you from serious thinking about food. However, fresh air may increase the appetite. So choose a time for walking, after which you will immediately go to bed.


9. Chew gum. Choose gum without sugar and fruits. Chewing reflex and sweetness in your mouth will trick your appetite.


10. Brush your teeth. The conditioned reflex should work: after brushing your teeth we do not eat.


11. Clearly imagine yourself beautiful and graceful, charming and attractive. Will such a woman eat at night?


12. If you do not have imagination, look at a glossy magazine. Real images of slender beauties will certainly beat off your appetite.

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