New Year is coming and despite the cold weather the mood is festive. People are grabbing gifts and carrying home a Christmas tree and other fuss is going on. Ordinary citizens are trying to prepare a major holiday in order to remember it. Because of what? Because there are not so many public holidays in Czech Republic. Only seven. Really, not a lot.

So let’s look through the Czech public holidays!

The first holiday is the 1st of January. This is the case of double celebration. When the entire planet celebrates the New Year, the Czechs are celebrating another day — Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State. The Czechs did so maybe because of money saving. The independence is important day and here are some salads that had remained since New Year.)))

Another public holiday in the Czech Republic is Victory Day. This holiday is celebrated not on the 9th of May, but on the 8th of May. The funny thing is that on this day is very common to see hanging flags of the United States in Prague. It immediately becomes clear who is considered to be the liberator in the war according to the opinion of people of the Czech Republic.

Another kind of holiday that Ukrainians usually do not have is the Day of the Slavic saints Cyril and Methodius. I have ambiguous feeling about the fact that this holiday is celebrated in the Czech Republic, because it reminds them that they are the Slavs.

On the other hand, the Czechs are strange people. For example, they usually celebrate the anniversary of the brining the troops of the Warsaw Pact into Prague, but they did not celebrate withdrawing of the troops. Apparently, in order to economize.

The Czechs also like to remember the «Prague Spring» with pathos: Soviet T-34 tank is exhibited near the National Museum with loudspeakers in the bottom of the unit, simulating the sound of the engine of the tank. At 10 a.m. they make blank shots in the building of the National Museum and also hang stands on the walls of the building, where the Czechs write inscriptions in Russian asking to get out of Prague with the tanks. In general, they do not intend to forget everything. J Anyway, this holiday is not public, so we can forgive them.

The remaining public holidays are generally boring:

• July 6 — Day of execution of Jan Hus

It is all clear here. This Famous Czech is like Martin Luther. There are not so many Czech national heroes. Sometimes I think that it is a pity, that Russians do not celebrate the Day of Chapaev or Gagarin, Ukrainians do not celebrate the Day of Kotovsky or Khmelnitsky. It would be funny.))

• September 28 — Czech Statehood Day

• October 28 — Independent Czechoslovak State Day

• November 17 — Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

Well, it is all clear here also. The Czechs are proud people and they like to mention their independence.

And of course, in the Czech Republic Christmas is celebrated (even for three days: December 24 — Christmas Eve, December 25-26 — Christmas Day). Trym tydy! … Feast spree in all houses!

And of course “the misty” morning after the holidays. It has become a traditional event to restore health by drinking Borjomi in my café. Soon it will be possible to organize the club.

The Czechs are so understandable nation. Pickle is pickle, but Borjomi helps better than pickle.))

After the celebrating Christmas, we are standing on the threshold of New Year again. It is worth to mention that New Year (which is called “Sylvester” here) is not so noisy, because all the action is concentrated around Christmas, which is a family holiday with the obligatory presence of the traditional Christmas dish – carp and blue fir-tree from the Czech mountains.

Well, I am going to go to buy such fir-tree. Because it is a bit empty in the apartment without it.

Dear friends and ladies, I wish you Happy New Year, good health, and other good things of life.

Sincerely yours.

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