The quantity of exercises depends on the amount of consumed liquid. Why? When there is enough liquid in your organism, it regulates body temperature and heart rate. During the hour of exercises you can lose more than three liters of water, depending on exercise intensity and ambient temperature. Lack of water in the body can lead to fatigue and cramps.

It is recommended to drink a glass of water (ml 250) 20 — 30 minutes before exercises. If you start training early in the morning, then drink water as soon as you wake up. During the exercises drink a glass of liquid every 15 minutes. And one glass is recommended to drink after the exercises. Also be careful with energy drinks.



Rule number 2. Eat before and after


— Imagine that your body is an oven — Begshaw says. — Large logs burn is not as well as small chips, which you regularly put into the furnace. The fire in our body must be maintained constantly.  Before the exercises you should fill yourself up with proteins and carbohydrates, which are digested slowly. In general, you should eat to an hour or two before exercises, but if you do exercises early in the morning, drink at least a glass of fruit juice. Do not do exercises on an empty stomach. After the exercises you should eat. After training the body feels the need of carbohydrates and proteins. Begshaw advises: “At first you should have a snack and after an hour or two eat properly.»



Rule number 3.Train your heart


People often say: “I hate exercise bike. Just to stand and mark time…” But try to set yourself an object to do such exercises or jogging three to five times a week for 30-60 minutes. So you will be provided with the long term «insurance».



Rule number 4. Weight-lifting


As we become older we lose muscle mass. And the essential thing is to fill the loss of the muscle mass – says Begshaw. He advises doing the exercises two to three times a week by gradually increasing the weight. He also recommends to work with all groups of muscles. Strength training helps to reduce body fat (including the belly), which often cause the cardiovascular diseases.


Rule number 5. Change the program regularly.


The body gets used to the load, so you need to change the program completely or partially from time to time. While you are doing exercises on the power simulators try to increase the number of exercises or the heaviness of weight. Also gradually increase the duration and intensity. Consult an experienced trainer, so he could help you to determine your level of training and your physical condition …

Rule number 6. Do the stretching after the exercises.


Stretching is very important for many reasons: it improves blood circulation, promotes flexibility in muscles and helps to cope with stress. The exercises should start with a light load in order to warm up the muscles. Stretching the cold muscles is strictly prohibited. Such exercises should only be done at the end of your ordinary exercises. Pay special attention to the problematical parts of your body. For example, if you have back pain, stretch the hamstrings. The best thing in stretching is that it relaxes and gives pleasure.



Rule number 7. Do not forget about the proteins.


Proteins are the basic building material for muscles. You are becoming stronger not during the exercises, but after them. Muscles deteriorate and restore within 24-36 hours after the exercises. That is why it is so important to fill your body with the proteins. Also it is very important to combine plant and animal proteins. «Protein shake with fruits is a great way to recover from training quickly.»



Erin Filan


Trained and physically active people live longer. This is evidenced by a study of the American Medical Association.

However, most of us know very little about fitness programs that enhance human health. Few people make daily exercise. So go ahead! Do not delay!

Here are some tips from Jeff Begshaw, a certified fitness trainer from Vancouver. During 24 years he helps others to become strong, healthy and confident.

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