In 2011 the IDS Group Ukraine plans to increase sales of Borjomi to 14,3% in the bottles. Zaza Kikvadze, the general director of IDS Borjomi Georgia, has told this fact at a press conference in Borjomi with the participation of Ukrainian journalists. They expect to increase sales at the expense of new bottle. According to Mr. Kikvadze, in December (the first month after introduction a new bottle into use) overall sales of Borjomi in Georgia increased by 68% comparing with the same period last year. Previously, average monthly was 10-12% (year to year).

Today about 30% of the total production of the company is exported in Ukraine, which is 110 million of L according to the results of 2010. Georgian brand occupies 76% of the premium segment of Ukrainian market of mineral water in bulk and 79% — in cash. In total, 70% of production in Georgia is exported into Ukraine.

In general, according to the IDS Group Ukraine, the Ukrainian market of bottled water increased by 10% in 2010 after a significant decrease in 2009 (-15%). In the period of 2011-2013 it is expected the growth of market of 4% -6% annually. The company attributed this to rising real incomes (GDP growth), as well as the development of a culture of consumption of bottled water in Ukraine.

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