• Water is one of the most complex symbols of dreams. This image of the subconscious can send by connecting with the expression: «Much water has flowed under the bridge(s) since then!” It stands for the nostalgia of the past.

• This symbol may also be associated with the phrase: «mill the wind», which means to gild the lily, to give empty promises and not fulfill them.

• It is likely, that the image of water materialized from the expression: «to draw water in a sieve”, which means to do work that does not bear results.

• There are more expressions: «to vanish without a trace» – to disappear completely, «like water off a duck’s back» — to avoid punishment or censure for unworthy behavior or exit without losses from some troubles.

• If you had a dream where you drink water, it means that something unexpected is about to happen.

• To see any container with water — you will communicate with someone secretive and mysterious person.

• To get rain or to be poured with water — is a lucky sigh, which promises success and prosperity. Such dream can predict profit or unexpected gift.

• If you had a dream where you ride on the water on any ship, then this dream warns you that you should not make hasty actions, taking a chance and you should avoid risky situations. Otherwise, recklessness and irresponsibility will lead to big troubles.

• To water the flowers or trees. The dream says that thanks to your care and attention you will find many reliable friends, respect among colleagues and love of children.

• Wash, wash hands, bathe in the water – this means, that in reality you will avoid troubles thanks to internal instinct, intuition and ingenuity.

• If you had a dream where you were knocked down by the flow of water — this dream foretells an overwhelming event that will leave a deep imprint in your soul, from which you could not get rid of for quite a long time.

• To sink in a dream – is a sign of the fact, that in real life you cannot show all your abilities, you cannot implement your plans and it depresses you, it makes you to be more active and work feverishly. And it leaves no time for rest.

• Dream, in which you are leading thirsty people through the turbid water and you promise to give some crystal clear water to them means long and fruitful work, which will bring satisfaction only in cooperation with reliable partners, which deny all the illegal and deceitful.

• To see a glass of boiling water in a dream means, that you have to go through the emotionally intense period, which will end to the harmonious finale if you will be restrained.

• To have a dream where dead man is poured by water and he comes to life means: a trip to the resort, recovery, the news about serious illness, to face the supernatural phenomena or something surprising.

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