Hooray! Summer entertainments have started! The organism is pleased by strawberries, cucumbers and other vitamins, which were grown on beds. The heart is being warmed by thoughts of upcoming vacation. We were travelling a lot around the land of Samtskhe-Javakheti, so now we can relax… and then visit Borjomi.


The word «Borjomi» firmly associated with the mineral water. I can see neat glass bottles with embossed image of a deer! “Borjomi” is also the name of the place where the sources of this famous water located. Here everything has health-giving properties: water, air, splendid landscapes, city and neighborhood. In general, it is a whole lowland balneoclimatic resort! It is lowland because it is located in the gorge of the river Kura, surrounded by high mountains (about 3,000 meters above sea level). Thanks to such protection, the climate is really great: moderate summer and winter, without sharp fluctuations of atmospheric and temperature extremes.



View of the Borjomi Gorge


The history of the city is closely linked with mineral water, medicinal properties of which are known since ancient times. According to the finds of archaeologists (in the twentieth century seven large stone baths were found, dating back thousands of years, AD). Firstly the water was used for bathing. Even now taking a bath with thermal water, which natural temperature is 38-40 ° C, is a great fun.


This water is of volcanic origin, and for all time of the industrial production (since 1840) it hadn’t change its chemical composition. After the XVI century there was no mentioning of the water. But in XIX century mention of mineral water re-appeared and it was associated with Russian soldiers.



Summer Residence of Prince Mikhail Romanov — the son of Russian Tsar Nicholas I. In Soviet times it was the residence of Stalin.

In 1850 Mineral Water Park was created. And soon after that the construction of the first bottling plant began. The Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich (which was appointed deputy of the Caucasus in 1862) played a significant role in the development of Borjomi. But thanks to Nikolai (one of his sons) Borjomi acquired the romantic aura. Love affair between Nikolai Mikhailovich and Barbara (keeper of the palace) is still dominates the minds of historians and romantic ladies: historians are hoping to find in the palace a lot of royal family things, which Barbara kept until her death and did not want to give them to the museum; and romantic ladies of all times dream to meet «Prince Charming» here.



Monument to Chaikovsky


Maybe after a trip to Borjomi you will be inspired musically: a beautiful monument to the great Tchaikovsky makes a strong impression.


In the former office of the Borjomi royal residence (the office was built in 1890) now the museum is opened to the public. The museum has different materials about the spa and mineral waters.


Also I want to tell you about the jewel of ecotourism: the National Park Borjomi-Kharagauli. I will tell you about it next time.

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