There is a category of people, for whom morning turns into torture. They hear the alarm, but it does not change anything: alarm clock is put five or ten minutes forward and they continue to sleep on with absolute certainty that within ten minutes they will get up. It is worse if the alarm is not even put forward and person continues to sleep on. After that he or she wakes up half an hour later and does not understand how he\she oversleep.

In fact, it’s simple. In the morning, the brain has not woken up and therefore the activity parent cortex of the brain is slowed down. The only thing that our body wants is to continue resting. Once we decide to sleep five more minutes, we find a decent excuse to go back to bed and it is not the fact that we are actually going to stand up after these five minutes.

If you manage to get up after the first alarm bell, then you are lucky. But we are going to show some tips for those, for whom early awakening is a problem.


If you get up immediately as soon as you heard the wake-up call, it can only mean two things. You are awake enough to realize that it’s time to get up. Or you can  use the following method.


The technique of early awakening consists of the following: firstly, it is necessary to develop a reflex and disable the process of doubt and thoughts. And secondly, you should devise and implement some kind of ritual of getting up. For example, drink a glass of mineral water, take a shower and do morning exercises and exercises for the eyes.

And now let’s see how to get rid of thoughts about getting up immediately of after few minutes after the alarm bell. To reach the effect of early awakening you should make the following several times a day: lie down in bed trying to keep a maximum match with our actual bedtime, and put the clock forward by about one — two minutes. Then just lay with closed eyes, not trying to be awake or asleep. But as soon as the alarm calls, you should immediately get up, get dressed and do your ritual of morning awakening. It is not necessary each time to repeat the full range of morning exercises and shower, but you should indicate that you have finally got up.

By using this «exercise” you can deprive your consciousness of choice: every morning when you hear the first alarm, you’ll just wake up and start your business.


For the effective implementation it is needed to be done two or three times during several days. However, in severe cases, it would be better to repeat this exercise until it will work. However, the effectiveness of such exercise for awakening is extremely high, so you really will wake up without problems after the first alarm clock.


Another little tip: during the day you can visualize how your alarm clock rings, you wake up and immediately start to have breakfast. Such mental exercise of your consciousness would be also quite effective.

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