How to turn your lifeless hair into the beautiful object of pride? These recipes (which were made long ago by your grandparents) will help you to reach good effect.

Recipe 1. The simplest one 


Buy a bottle of mineral water. According to the opinion of those, who were patient, after two weeks of rinse hair becomes stronger, it gets a healthy glow; and it becomes much easier to do complex hairstyles.

“Water of life” is of benefit to your hair in summer. As you know, when it is warm outside, your hair quickly becomes dry in the sun. You can revive them by sprinkling them every evening with mineral water. For this purpose, by the way, spray for watering flowers would be a nice tool.


Recipe 2. Tasty

If you want hair “like in the movie”, heat beer to room temperature and then thoroughly soak your hair with it. After 10-15 minutes rinse the hair. They say the smell doesn’t remain. It is strange, but every time when I leave the bathroom where I made such mask, all the male inhabitants of the house stars to ask about this yum-yum smell.


Recipe 3. Very healthy

Mask of fresh kefir would be very useful after the hair dye, if it has become vulnerable and fragile. The secret is simple: heat kefir and then rub it into the hair roots, distribute over the entire length and for about 15 minutes do not try to move because kefir can flow down to your collar. I recommend to wrap hair with a towel.


By the way, the effect after such mask is stunning. Your hair will look just fine.

Of course, if you will carefully wash the hair.

And remember, taking Borjomi inside also has a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

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