Few of us fall to thinking about the behaving on the board of a plane. Many people think, that flying on the plane is like going on a bus. However, travel at high altitude above the ground requires adherence to certain rules.

Sanctions depend on whether it is a domestic flight or international flight. For example, if in Russia for disorderly on the board you only pay a fine, in China for the same action the passenger can go to jail for a long time.

However, all these measures are justified, because we are talking about the safety of passengers, crew and other staff. In addition, it should be understood that if something happens with the airplane, it could fall on the houses or means of communication.  And the damage of the plane itself will cause multimillion-dollar losses.

Usually, in planes is forbidden to smoke, to take drugs and to drink alcohol in large quantities. Also it is forbidden to use electronic devices (cellular, laptops), especially during the takeoff and landing of the plane. It is strictly forbidden to attack any of the passengers, crew or maintenance personnel. It is prohibited to intimidate or threaten people on board. It is especially important for members of the crew. It is also banned to use rude words and foul language. Sexual harassment is also banned. It is forbidden to damage or disable the property or equipment of the plane. You also have no right to stay on the board of the plane if it was said to leave the plane.

Besides the fact that on the plane it is forbidden to behave badly, you should now the correct way of behaving. Your health depends on this fact also. For example, if you make a long flight in Economy Class, then you could get the «economy class syndrome.» The symptoms of the syndrome are swollen and painful feet. To avoid these inconveniences, you should walk every half-hour around the cabin and do simple exercises for the legs. Try not to abuse alcohol and have more water (preferably mineral). It would be good to take juice, which contains vitamins A and C. You should not overeat during the flight. It would be enough to eat salads. To avoid the inconveniences associated with the change of time zones, during the flight turn the clock for another time. The last few hours of the flight try not to sleep because after the flight you will be tired. Wear loose clothing for the flight.

A few words about the dangers of smoking. It is forbidden to smoke in the plane, but many people smoke in the toilet of the plane. Meanwhile smoking in the plane is extremely harmful. Nicotine thickens the blood and the smoker feels unwell, even if he smoked before the flight. If you get sick during the flight, then immediately contact the flight attendant. If you get sick after the flight, you should immediately see a doctor, saying that you recently have had a flight.

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