The new logo of «Одноклассники» bears a strong resemblance to the logo of fan community «Боржоми Одна Команда» (“Borjomi One Knot”), which was created last summer.



June 9, 2010 the agency elvisPelvis company turned over the letters «O» and «K». This little man was considered to be the logo of fan communities «Одна Команда» (“One Knot”) in Facebook and Vkontakte.


Borjomi’s little man OK proved to be quite functional. He can sing and dance; he can be Santa Claus and a border guard. He can even change his sex. In general, he is easy to use.



A young brand «Одноклассники» couldn’t pass by this multifunctional logo. So «Одноклассники» made Borjomi’s little man OK the new symbol of its social network, and with childish spontaneity «Одноклассники» declares that designing of the new logo “did not require costs». Of course, it didn’t require. Big brand Borjomi has a great story, which amounts to centuries, a big heart filled with love of tens of millions of fans and many more Ideas, which will be enough for everyone. Similar logos aren’t even plagiarism. The little ones just like to try on adult things.



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