It is known that person eat food of plant or animal origin. These products vary in their acid-base indicator, while the acid-alkaline balance in the body must be constant, and pH of blood (pH) always has to be in the range of 7,35-7,45. A person is healthy only if her\his homeostasis (acid-base balance, constancy of internal environment) is not broken.

The displacement of the pH of blood in any direction triggers a disease. Thus, reducing it to 7.0 or to 6.0 generates a decaying body processes, acidification. So the person got sick.

For example, cancer cells arise at pH 5.55. If the pH of blood is 5.4 it is possible to die. It is proved that if a cancer tumor is placed in an acid environment, it continues to evolve, if into the alkaline, it quickly dies. In other words, the decreasing of pH is the acidification of the body, while the increasing of this index is alkalization.


How can we determine which side (alkaline of acid) prevail in your body? The first sign are taste preferences. If you want smth sour, it means that there is acid deficiency in your body and alkaline side prevails. If you want sweet, then there is an excess of acid in the body and alkali deficiency. If you got sick, it means that the acid side prevails, so you need to eat more alkaline food and reduce the consumption of acid food. But if the disease is serious (or cancer), it is better to exclude the acid food completely.

«Sour» products (products, which create an acidic environment in the body, their pH is below 7): meat — 3.98; fish — 3,76-5,78; poultry — 4.34; eggs — 6.45; cereals — 5,52; cheese — 5.92; white bread — 5.63; black coffee — 5,59; tea — 4.26; beer — 6.19. These products are also concerned to be acidic: animal fats, fish oil, sugar, buckwheat, rice, rye, millet, wheat, pasta, flour, mayonnaise, cheese, canned, fried, refined foods, sweets, tap water . Sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, copper also acidifying the body.

«Alkaline» foods (those foods, which create an alkaline environment in the body, their pH is 7 and above): corn oil — 8,4; soybean oil — 7,9; olive oil — 7,5; fresh cabbage — 7,5 , honey — 7,5; persimmon — 7,5; wheat germ -7.4; potato — 7.5, melon and avocado — 7,4; carrots — 7,2, beets, watermelon and lettuce -7.0. Sodium, silicon, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, fluorine, iodine, and alkaline mineral water increase the alkaline level.

Many plants have alkaline properties: oregano, centaury, burnet, coltsfoot, plantain, motherwort, cumin, series, eucalyptus, everlasting flower, valerian, nard, St. John’s wort, calendula, nettle, linden blossom, raspberry, mint, dandelion, birch and pine buds, chamomile, cottonweed, yarrow, sage, celandine, sage, etc.



Alkaline blood is the owner of the immune forces. Alkaline radicals of vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs neutralize the harmful effects of acid radicals, animal products and grain. That is why in summer it is better to add into salad young leaves of beets, carrots, dandelion, wood lice, knotweed (Highlander Bird), nettle, goutweed, linden, maple, red clover, parsley, celery, fennel. These salads are combined with proteins of animal origin (meat, poultry, fish, cheese), which create an acidic environment in the body. In the winter these herbs can be dried and after that they can be used as teas.


Plant foods restore the acid-alkaline balance; revitalize the body (fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, berries and fresh juices). Live foods make the mind sharper, charge human body with force and energy, and postpone retirement.

The action of «dead» foods is the opposite. They redesigned to long-term storage, they contain a lot of sugar, vinegar, and various food additives, fat and vegetable oils. They were exposed to high temperatures and a lot of useful properties were destroyed. Generally, canned food is not the best food. But it is your choice what food to eat.

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