I was thinking about one thing: there are a lot of people, who are going in Tbilisi for summer vacation. For some reason they can’t afford expensive professional guides. What is more, a lot of people do not have friends in Georgia, who can be good guides.

But some tourists (by the way, the type of tourism which has become quite fashionable abroad, but in our country it is being developed) just go themselves with a backpack and cameras, not wanting to spoil the impression that they are willing to receive by someone’s explanations. Such kind of tourism has its own unique euphoria, hasn’t it?


There is also one thing I thought about — such an independent tourist needs to know the places he can go immediately after putting his clothes down in hotel apartment.


Attention! I can offer you right now one of such kind of places. This place is The Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi. It is an extraordinary beautiful place and new construction.



So, if you do not already know (although you should know) that there is river Kura in Tbilisi. In 2010 over this river the Bridge of Friendship was built. It connects the street Irakli II and park Rike.



The Bridge was built by talented foreigners: the Italian architect Michele De Luca and lighting engineer and designer, Frenchman Philippe Martin. By the way, Michele De Luca also built a new Interior Ministry building in Tbilisi. I will tell about it later.



Just being built, The Bridge immediately became one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe and it can be found in the list of 17 most unusual bridges in the world. From the both sides of it there are two bridges: Metekhi Bridge and Baratashvili Bridge.



The idea of construction of the Bridge belongs to the President of Georgia; the official customer of construction is the Tbilisi City Hall.



The total length of the Bridge is 156 meters.


This Bridge is a work of art, sculpture made of glass and metal. More precisely, this sculpture is a kind of canopy over functional part of the bridge, which is used for walking. The Bridge connects Old Tbilisi and new district.



The Bridge has its own feature – it can send a message. This message appears every hour with the lights, which are located on the bridge in number of 30 000! It also has 240 sensors. On the parapets there are elements of the periodic table, which make up the human body. I would say that is sends cultural and health message 🙂 The language of communication is Morse code.



Famous people about this Bridge: for example, the architect De Luca says that this bridge and its lights, sensors with the periodic table is «the anthem of life and peace among people and nations.» But Saakashvili once said that this Bridge symbolizes the way of Georgia from past to better future. This is a great Bridge between the country’s history and its present. “The Bridge embodies the best qualities, which are important for our system of governance: transparency, mobility, and result-oriented, modernity, which correspond to the actual world» – he said it on the opening day, which took place on the 6th of May last year (if I don’t mistake).


Look at this Bridge! It’s beautiful. But it would be better to see it with your own eyes.

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