Athletes must be sure that there is enough water for the body before, during and after exercises. This water must compensate the fluid loss, which is inevitable during the intensive physical activity. The problem of athletes is that the more water they lose, the less it is effective. This is less regard to the short physical activity(less than one hour), but becomes a problem during prolonged sporting exercises.

How can we use water during the exercises?


We should focus on four major periods:


Taking water before exercises:

During the year, you should drink alkaline biologically absorbable water in order to provide the organism with the maximum possible physiological amounts of water. In such case you can be sure that the body does not suffer from water shortages.


Taking water immediately before exercises


Before sports body have to receive a certain amount of water to prevent water loss in the tissues and muscles. However, this amount should not exceed the norm. The ability of the intestine to absorb water is limited to one liter per hour. A big amount of water can cause stomach upset and hyperhydration of tissues, which could cause the need to urinate during physical activity. The optimum amount of water is half of a liter during an hour before exercises. Do not drink anything for half an hour before exercises begin.


Taking water during exercises


Taking water during the exercises is not always convenient and easy. Nevertheless, a person must fill in the fluid, which was lost with sweat. The most reliable way in physiological sense is to take water in little amounts, but often, for example 100-200 ml every ten or fifteen minutes.


Taking water after exercises


After the intense exercises the body is always experiencing water shortages, because through the skin it loses more water (1 to 3 liters) than it can absorb in the intestine. The duration of rehydration depends on the amount of water you have lost: 3 liters of lost fluid replenish during 4 hours if you will take 200 milliliters of water every 15 minutes. The rate of assimilation does not depend on the degree of dehydration; it is a constant value.


What type of water shall we use for sports?


To eliminate mineral imbalance is necessary to take mineral water. Water for sports also needs to be alkaline in order to improve the transporting of oxygen.

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