No doubt that everyone was at such situation: you seem to be doing nothing, but you feel terrible fatigue. You don’t want to move or speak, even to watch television. It seems like all the energy has gone somewhere at once. It is called the fatigue syndrome. And if you often face with such situations, this article is for you. We offer you an easy way to raise your energy level without pills or some cunning tricks. The only thing you have to do is to make up your mind.

We offer you 5 tips about living without fatigue.


1. Do not forget about breakfast.

If in the morning you don’t make up your energy by eating yogurt, cheese and corn bread, metabolism will slow down and fatigue will lean upon you. If you don’t have time for breakfast, take some fruits with you when you are going to work. Recipe: Oatmeal with berries, apples and nuts.


2. Take more water

Lethargy and fatigue may be caused by dehydration. Therefore we must be sure to have enough fluids. You can have mineral water, and in addition, juice or green tea. Coffee remains a traditional energy drink.

Energy drink recipe: banana cocktail: a half of mashed banana, add 150 ml of orange juice, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a spoonful of syrup.


3. If you want to sleep, do it.

Everyone knows that the best way to relax is a good sleep. Mood, memory, and even cell regeneration depend on your sleep. Today, a good half of humanity suffers from serious sleep disorder, which affects on the capacity for work. A person should sleep 8 hours a day; otherwise the body begins to losing the step. Such situation often happens: you’re tired, but you cannot fall asleep. In such cases sedatives will help.

Recipe: Warm bath with aromatic oils of lavender promotes blood flow to the brain and replaces the sleeping pills.


4. If you have no strength, you should jump

Usually, when the fatigue rolls on, you want to lie down and sleep the whole day. But for some reason sleep does not bring the desired effect. When you wake up, you still feel tired. In such case the decision may be quite unexpected: turn on music and dance. If it is very hard for you to do this simple exercise, then it is useful. Overcome it and continue to move actively. Moreover, after the exercises you will sleep better and stronger, which also saves you from fatigue.

Recipe: walk every day for half an hour and try not to use the elevator.


5. May joy come into your life

Stress and frustration destructively effect on your energy potential. It is impossible to avoid stress, but you can shut yourself off the situations, which cannot be changed. Try to spend time with nice people, go to the nature more often. Try to eliminate burdensome intercourse from your life meaningless work and the whims of people. Say “no” to anything that upsets you and let the joy come into your life.


Recipe: deep breath: mentally counting to 5, slowly and deeply inhale through the nose, then slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat for 2 minutes. Such a deep rhythmic breathing helps you to relax and to oxygenate your organism.

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