Sometimes we want smth tasty to eat: pickled cucumbers, chocolate bar, sardines in tomato sauce or caviar.


So why does it happen?

1. I want milk, yogurt, cottage cheese or cheesecake. The reason: you’re anxious, stressed and you are dreaming about the relaxation. Milk contains essential amino acid tryptophan, from which the neurohormone serotonin is produced. Serotonin helps us to improve sleep, raise the mood and to get rid of anxiety. Also your muscles and heart require calcium in order to contract rhythmically and to prevent overstimulation. What to do: have warm milk (200 ml) or yogurt (150 g) every evening. Instead of a fat and calorie cheesecake would be better to cook home curd pudding or you can buy prepared food and bake it the oven or microwave.


2. I want smoked meat or smoked sausage. The reason: you do not have enough fat and cholesterol for the active work of the brain and maintaining normal hormone level. There are a lot of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol in the smoked meat. Spicy smoked meat also stimulates sexual desire. What to do: spoil yourself with smoked meat twice a week. But try not to overeat because it is carcinogenic. Excellent source of saturated fatty acids is butter (30 grams per day). If those, who are sitting on the diet, want smoked meat – it means that it is time to increase the amount of fat in the diet by eating nuts, avocados and vegetable oil.



3. I want smth salty: olives, herring, pickles, sardines in tomato sauce. The reason: you want table salt because of the acceleration of metabolism, or because of increased activity of thyroid gland, or intense physical work, or pregnancy. From the position of Ayurvedic medicine it means that the body wants to preserve strength and to accumulate more energy. What to do: eat the whole herring or spiced sprats.


4. I want scrambled eggs (or eggs). The reason: your immune system is clamoring high-quality protein and vitamin A. What to do: four times a week prepare fried egg or omelet made of three eggs.


5. I want cheese! The reason: it is necessary to set straight your hormones. You have a tendency to severe premenstrual syndrome with edema, muscle cramps and bad mood. You do not have enough milk fat and calcium in combination with phosphorus. What to do: The easiest way is to eat 100 grams of the most calcium-rich cheese every day. But because of the fact, that it is high calorie, try to limit 30 g cheese, 200 g of Brussels sprouts and 100 g of spinach.


6. I want smth sour: lemon, cranberries, sauerkraut. The reason: you are almost in depression of you have overworked and you need a lot of energy. You may have slightly reduced acidity of gastric juice. There is a lot of natural stimulant of vitamin C in lemons, cranberries and other acidic fruits and vegetables. It gives us courage, good humor and at the same time it increases the ability of gastric juice to digest food. What to do: start breakfast with a large orange. Each day include in the menu red bell peppers, kiwi fruits and lemons.


7. I want mussels, oysters, squid and shrimps! The reason: probably there is not enough iodine. All seafood contains a big amount of this microelement. What to do: every day eat 150 g of mussels or 250 grams of crab salad. But it is much cheaper to use iodized salt and to cook the seaweed salad.


8. I want garlic, onion, mustard, hot red pepper. The reason: you are about to catch a cold. You are attacked by assail viruses and microbes and your immune system is clamoring for reinforcements volatile products (natural disinfectant) located in the garlic, onions and peppers or mustard. What to do: chew a clove of garlic for 1-2 minutes and it will destroy all the microbes in the oral cavity. Repeat twice a week. Also add to you dishes fresh garlic or fresh onions, peppers and other hot spices.



9. I want sour milk: buttermilk, yogurt or curds. The reason: you have problems with the intestine. Bacteria overgrowth is about to happen. And living “good” microbes are calling lactic acid bacteria for help. What to do: buy yogurt, sour cream and yogurt with bio-additives, which restore normal intestinal flora.


10. I want coffee! The reason: you have low blood pressure and a very active and intense mental activity. You need an additional power source and a soft stimulation of the intellect. What to do: drink as much coffee as you want. If you will have overdose, the body will inform you about it by rapid heartbeat and tomorrow you will take one cup less. Try to sleep eight hours or more in order to keep blood vessels toned and the pressure in norm.


11. I want chocolate! The reason: you want to love and to be loved. You do not have enough physical affection, warmth, new bright impressions, feelings of joy of life. Chocolate contains stimulants that can cause similar emotions. What to do: think: Can fun evening, which was spent alone with a handsome man, be compared with the box of chocolates? Ah, box of chocolates is not rude and it will not turn its back. But intimacy with a man will not spoil your figure and will not add ten inches to the waist. Some psychologists believe that a mad craving for chocolate replaces the removal and job replacement. Think about that.


12. I want seeds. The reason: the desire for chewing sunflower seeds indicates to deficiency of vitamin E, manifested by low sexual activity. What to do: prepare salads with unrefined vegetable oil, where the concentration of vitamin E is much higher.


13. I want ice cream. The reason: an acute attack to ice cream says about trying to return to childhood, when you felt protected from all anxieties and worries. What to do: it doesn’t matter how many servings of sweet you have eaten. It is impossible to turn back the clock. So you have to solve all the problems in the present time. Therefore, eat the whole wheat bread, it will help you to get rid of the fluctuations in blood glucose levels and it will calm your nerves during the process of making decisions.


14. I want a sandwich with butter, cake with a lot of cream and oil cakes. The reason: If you’re not a vegetarian such desire indicates to the lack of vitamin D, which is necessary for us to strengthen the immune system and to normalize the heart activity. What to do: buy natural butter for sandwiches. Take tea or coffee with high-quality biscuits (2-3 pieces a day). You can allow yourself to eat fatty cakes with oil cream twice a month. But do not cheat your body and pay particular attention to the fact that cakes and biscuits must contain butter, not vegetable fats or margarine.


And the most important thing is to always remember about the rule of «golden mean» and not to overeat those products that are tasty, but not healthy: smoked, salted, greasy and heavy food. But if you have spoiled yourself with such products, there is the way of getting rid of the bad consequences: heartburn and a heavy feeling in the stomach can be eliminated quickly by mineral alkaline water (such as Borjomi), which normalizes the level of acidity in the body and clears from the «unhealthy things».

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