Today, the phrase «to be in shape» is not only a trend, but it also «dictates» a healthy lifestyle, which has become not only the indicator of safely and prosperity, but also a sign of self-sufficiency and self-improvement.

Improper diet, replacement of natural products of GMOs, physical inactivity, dramatically deteriorating ecology – all these facts negatively affect the health and even «distort» genetics, reducing life cycle. Every day more and more people begin to realize the magnitude of this situation. That is why most part of men are beginning to monitor their health by not only refusing to alcohol (or they are trying to take it in reasonable doses) and nicotine, but also controlling their own weight. Also close to the modern business woman must be a man to match: smart, slim, with no extra centimeters of the body, which like a pillow are hanging over the belt of trousers. And only in this case the pair will be seen as «equivalent». Well, it is no secret that a huge belly and overweight are having an inevitable impact on the sexual side of life, reducing it to zero.

If you wish to join the «clan» of handsome men as soon as possible, then you need the fastest diet for men.

But at first it is necessary to specify some points. The man, who has chosen the way of health and beauty, must give his body an enhanced physical activity in the form of sporting exercise, as ideal – in the form of a gym. And to minimize the consumption of alcohol, which contains a large amount of calories, salt, spicy and smoked foods, mayonnaise, sour cream and butter. It is also desirable to increase the drinking regime due to consumption of raw fresh water.


So, the diet of «jockey»


It was developed by experts and nutritionists especially for the impatient men. It is very suitable for those, who are crazy about sports, fast cars, who do not like tedious courtship of the lady of the heart, who wants a weekend in the hot tropics or in the depth of the sea, or in the high mountains. If you love maximum pleasure with minimum time, then this diet is just for you. It is designed exactly for three days and, perhaps, it is not only the fastest diet for men, but also one of the toughest.


The first day involves the consumption of lean chicken for breakfast, dinner and supper. Chicken should be baked in the oven in its own juices in foil. You can also roast it on the grill without oil. The chicken should weigh no more than one and a half kilograms. The Prepared dish should be divided into three equal parts, which must be eaten for breakfast, dinner and supper.


The second day is also meat: you should eat during the day a piece of beef (lean) that weighs not more than three hundred grams. In other words, one hundred grams of the beef for each meal.


The third day is the toughest and it includes natural black coffee-ground brewed in Turku instead of food. During the day it is allowed to consume no more than five cups (equal intervals).


The only thing that can «dilute» or vary the diet is to take alkaline mineral water. According to experts, such water will help you to get rid of the treacherous rumbling in the stomach, relieve the discomfort caused by a diet, it also will not let blood to thicken, it will stimulate metabolism, regulate the acidity and it will help to eliminate toxins. You can take it between meals, but no more than two liters a day.


And now the most important thing! During the three days of torment you can lose up to five kilograms (it depends on the initial weight). This diet is used with a frequency of no more than two times a year. You can enhance the effect by visiting the hot baths, as well as by the massage.


So, dear man, go! It remains only to wish you success and self-control.

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