Mistake number 1. An empty refrigerator. During the diet the fridge has to be full of food! Wash fruits and vegetables, stock low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt and lean meat. Let the healthy products will always be near at hand.


Mistake number 2. Categorically forbid yourself all. The elimination of all non-healthy products. Even being on the very strict diet, once a week you can arrange a holiday for your belly. It does not mean that you will have to eat a lot. Choose any light treat and indulge yourself this innocent fun sometimes. The main thing is do not go too far.


Mistake number 3. Serious approach. You should not regard to the diet as a very important event. Play, fantasize. You can imagine yourself as a film actress, who needs to lose weight for the sake of the millions fee. The main thing is not to doubt of victory. «Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!» — says Karl Lagerfeld.


Mistake number 4. Take a little amount of liquid. During the diet you need to drink more, preferably mineral water. Mineral alkaline water (such as Borjomi, for example) throws out waste products, toxins. It also fills the stomach and reduces hunger.


Mistake number 5. Take diuretics. After taking diuretics you can lose 1-2 kg, but they will come back the next day.


Mistake number 6. Give yourself unrealistic promises. There is a principle of one day in the struggle against the overeating. Any of us can withstand one day. So you raise a confidence in the ability to pursue the case.


Mistake number 7. Think about the things, that you haven’t achieved. You should not focus on failures. Keep a food diary and write down everything you have eaten and drunk during the day. It will help you analyze your mistakes.


Mistake number 8. To weigh every day. Weigh-in is just another reason to get upset and fail. It will be enough to weigh yourself once a week.


Mistake number 9. Underline figure flaws. Do not carry tight clothes, because it will highlight your shortcomings unprofitably. And all your optimism will dry up.

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