One of the conditions of a healthy lifestyle is natural healthy food. It allows the human be physically healthy, and it also gives a cheerful look and a good mood.

Of course, healthy food is not a panacea, and many things depend on person. It is wrong to deny yourself a pleasure to taste something. Nevertheless, if you decide to eat healthy food, but you don’t have a lot of money, these tips will help you.

1. Take mineral water instead of carbonated sweet drinks. It is healthier and cheaper. If you are going somewhere, take a bottle with mineral water with you.


2. Eat eggs. There are a lot of vitamins and proteins. And the eggs don’t cost a lot.


3. Drink whey, because it is the cheapest source of protein. The taking of whey after the exercises helps you to recover quickly.


4. Buy frozen vegetables. It is quickly to cook them and it is simple to keep them: in the freezer. If you can afford yourself fresh vegetables, so it would be better to buy them.


5. Take multivitamins, because they reduce the deficiency of vitamins in the body. Nowadays there are a lot of pesticides in natural fruits and vegetables, so they lower levels of vitamins in fruits and vegetables.


6. Omega -3 can be found in fish oil and linseed oil. The consumption of omega-3 lowers cholesterol, helps to lose weight and reduces inflammation. Just a couple of times a day take 1 teaspoon and your health problems will be solved by one stroke.


7. Buy an ordinary meal to avoid paying for the name. Think realistically. Food is just food.


8. Buy products wholesale. It is discount, saving time, money and gasoline. Buy a big freezer. Buy meat and vegetables wholesale and keep them in the freezer.


9. Compose a list of necessary products. Eat hearty at home and never go shopping when you are hungry. Then go to the store and buy everything according to the list.


10. Eat less. It’s obvious. The less you eat, the less the cost of products. If you are overweight, then sit on a diet.

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