One-day limo therapy is recommended for those, who have overweight, various inflammatory processes, the removal of physical weakness and general inertia and as a remedy for depression. The absence of food restores the nervous system. Such starvation promotes healing after surgery, after gastro-intestinal and respiratory infections, especially with high fever.

The most convenient way is to take the last meal at 18-00 and the breakfast in a day. During treatment it is necessary to be in motion. During the daily fasting body passes on its internal endogenous nutrition. At first it uses the most easily absorbed things like fat and sugar and then a deep cleaning of organs and tissues begins. That is why after fasting adipose layers decrease, skin improves and the ulcers heal. Digestion and assimilation of nutrients improve.

You should not take vitamins and mineral complexes during the fasting. Because they should be taken only with food. One-day fasting doesn’t require special preparatory steps, except sufficient water consumption — up to 3 liters. It would be better to take alkaline mineral water Borjomi. If you take common water, you can add 1 / 3 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. After the fasting you should eat light food, for example, salad with fresh vegetables (carrots and cabbage). You can use lemon or orange juice as seasoning. Such dish works on the intestines as a broom, cleaning the interior walls.

Immediately after the fasting do not eat meat, cheese, fish, nuts or seeds. Within two days after fasting do not eat any acidic food.

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