Cutlets: “Add … water!»


Many women hurrying after work think about spoiling their family with something tasty and something, which does not require much time to cook. Let’s cook cutlets! This dish is easy to cook and each recipe has its own peculiarities. There is no “correct” recipe for this dish. Every family has their own recipe. And we have a recipe of cutlets… with mineral water!

The first step is to prepare the stuffing. Chop meat in a meat grinder (700 grams of beef and 300 grams of pork).

Clean1 — 2 onions and chop them in a meat grinder. Mix stuffing with stale white bread soaked in milk at the rate of 200 g of bread per 1 kg of meat. Mix all ingredients and now the fun part: add 300ml of high-carbonated mineral water (so the cutlets will get bushy and will not fall apart), a quarter of tablespoon of salt, raw egg. Mix thoroughly to make the mixture fluffy and soft.


Now form the cutlets from the stuffing. This is about the same as to form snowballs. You should not make big cutlets, because outside they will be burned slightly and the inside they will be not fried enough.

Put these cutlets on a plate with flour; roll the cutlets until the flour is stuck on all sides. Now let’s put the cutlets onto the pan.


Keep in mind that the cutlets should be fried on the scorching pan, so in such case they will have dry crust. As soon as one side of the cutlets will be fried, turn them over and put the pan in preheated oven or cover with a lid.


It is better not to prick them, because the juice will flow out. You can check the readiness by gently pressing with a fork. If light and clear juice appear, cutlets are ready.


It is not necessary to fry cutlets for the future. They are mush tastier when they are just fried.

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