Eat light different food. Your hair and skin need vitamins and minerals. Such products would be good: legumes, fish, bananas, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, nuts, vegetable oils, seafood, dairy products (especially yogurt), oatmeal, buckwheat, sprouted wheat, fruits, vegetables, honey. Eat fruits and salads at least once a day. Do not forget that the menu should be various.

Take at least two liters of alkaline mineral water per day: such liquid removes toxins from the body. Drink slowly in small sips with pleasure. “Stretch out” the consumption of a glass of water for 10 minutes. Do not try during a week to restore normal water balance if you got used to the regime of “desert”. Do it gradually.

Give up drinking coffee, strong tea, alcohol, chips, soda, canned food, reduce the intake of sugar and sweets.

If you stick to a diet, try not to lose more than 1 kg per week. Rapid weight loss leads to loss of muscle tone. Do not eat before bedtime, but can have a glass of milk or juice.

Healthy and flourishing look can be achieved also by the regular intake of fresh carrot juice, milk, herbal tea with chamomile, mint, and lemon balm.

Twice a year you should take a special course of vitamins to strengthen hair. Multivitamin complexes, aimed at improving the nails, would be also suitable. Nutritional supplements rich in zinc and calcium will make your hair stronger and more luxuriant.

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