Design of home and office, the choice of clothing, makeup and hairstyle – all these things based on the idea of developing a color space. Even in psychology there are such conceptions as psychology of color and color therapy. Few years ago color revolution has come into nutrition.

«Followers of color diet guarantee the weight loss of at 10 kg during a month.» The “fans” of a healthy lifestyle (Americans and Europeans) somehow have decided that the therapeutic effect of colors is not only connected with the clothes we wear, but also connected with the food we eat.

Of course, no doubt that the Red Room will infuriate a person much more effective than a single red plaid. So this color diet is built on the principle of “the maximum influence of colors of products”.

The essence is simple: every day of the week you should eat food of certain color. That is the rule!

Specialists in color psychology believe that such diet is a panacea for coloristic cacophony of the plate, which confuses the body and prevents the body from collecting the required energy. The look of follower of color diet does not irritate by the colorful variety of the products. By this during the meal a state of relaxation is reached and, consequently, the food is better digested and the body becomes healthier. And the weight loss. By the way, the scientific effectiveness of this method of nutrition has not been confirmed either from a health perspective, neither from weight loss perspective. However, according to some experts, this system is completely harmless, so you can have yellow, red and green days as many as you want.

Also the important thing of this diet is that there is no limits in the amounts of the consumed food.

So, from Monday we begin a new life with a clean white sheet.


Monday — White

Potatoes, rice, bananas, coconut, fresh onions, milk, white cheese such as mozzarella, cottage cheese, white tea, cauliflower, egg whites, sugar and salt to your taste. As you can see, everything is balanced: the carbohydrates and fats, and protein, and even vitamins and minerals.

Additional products: to this list you can add the pasta, white beans, celery root, scallops, white fish and white meat chicken and sour cream, whipped cream and ice cream.


Tuesday – Red


Red beans, tomatoes, red berries and red meat: beef and veal. You can also eat pomegranates, sweet red pepper and red chilli pepper and drink red wine and red juice. This day is low-carb and high protein. Beans and meat are sources of protein, tomatoes and peppers are sources of carbohydrates, pomegranate is the source of vitamins. Well, red wine is well- known antioxidant that helps the body to get rid of cholesterol and rejuvenate. In moderate amounts, of course.

Additional products: perhaps, nothing. Or maybe red strawberry cake or cherry ice cream.


Wednesday – Green


On Wednesday we become vegetarians, because the Wednesday is a green day and it is better not to eat green meat. The products are: lettuce, fresh herbs, green onions, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, kiwi, green apples, seaweed. Drink of the day is green tea. The day is extremely healthy, but low in calories. Neither protein nor fats. However, the break from meat on Tuesday will be good. Additional products are: green peas and green beans. And do not forget about the avocado, pistachios, green grapes, lime, and soda “Tarragon”.

Thursday – Orange

It is wonderful, bright and cheerful day! According to the canons of the diet such products are allowed: carrots, pumpkin, papaya, ripe mango, salmon and sea buckthorn. The set of products is not rich, but it has all necessary vitamins and microelements. There are healthy monounsaturated fats in the salmon, carotene in carrots, sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins A and C. Additional products: as a supplement to the orange menu you can eat oranges, apricots or dried apricots and red caviar, but without bread.


Friday — Purple

The products: eggplant, dark grapes, dark berries such as blackberries, blueberries and black currants. You can also eat plums or prunes, purple onion and herbs tarragon. Eggplant is rich in cellulose and healthy carbs, and prunes stimulates the bowels. Additional products: beet purple, which is helpful for digestion and blood. And for your soul (and for protein) you can eat lamb or liver, because they are considered to be lilac, almost purple.

Saturday – Yellow

On Saturday sunny yellow blossoms in the world, doesn’t it? After all the long-awaited holiday has come! You can eat pineapples and peaches, yellow peppers, zucchini, corn, egg yolks and honey, and cheese Edam. It is nice: cellulose in the corn and zucchini, fats in cheese, weight loss — in pineapples. You can drink the yellow juice. Additional products: lemon and ordinary black tea


Sunday, alas, is colorless day. You can only drink mineral water, preferably alkaline (such as Borjomi).


Tips for beginners


1. If you want to change the color of days, it would be harmless!

2. If you want to lose weight, exclude from the diet flour, sweets, fatty and  fried foods and starchy carbohydrates: potatoes and bananas.

3. You should not follow this diet foe more than two weeks.

4. For weight loss it is recommended after six colored days to make one hungry (colorless) and alternate two weeks of color diet with two weeks of normal nutrition diet or with one week of juice and yogurt diet. But keep in mind that the effect in this case would be lower.

Followers of color diet guarantee the weight loss of at 10 kg during a month. The main thing is to strictly follow the recommendations and do not eat «additional products».


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