What are fasting days?


Fasting days have a great popularity. In principle, there is nothing new in this system. According to historians, fasting days were organized by British and French queens after lush feasts and balls.

By the way, fasting among the believers, are the same fasting days, which start or complete all the great religious holidays.

Also in many nutrition institutions worldwide fasting is an integral part of a complex designed for treatment of obesity and various diseases of internal organs. It is true, that the fasting system is not for everyone.


Contraindications to the fasting days


For example, people suffering from gastric diseases, diabetes and patients who have recently undergone major surgery cannot allow themselves to arrange fasting days.


But if you haven’t got all above-named problems with health, you can easily use the system of fasting and make it an integral part of your healthy and regular lifestyle.

To begin with, let us see why it is so healthy to organize fasting days. Everyone knows that no man can work from morning till night without resting for a minute. Of course, during the rest our body gets the necessary breathing space to gather new forces in order to work again with doubled energy.


Fasting days are the same rest for our stomach. Within 24 hours of severe limitation in food it has time to relax, recover, and to get rid of accumulated toxins and wastes of the digestive process. In addition, during the fasting days all body systems at the cellular level liven up, the blood gets rid of bad toxins and the function of the endocrine system improves. So, it is useful to arrange fasting days from all points of view.

Typically, one fasting day in a week is quite enough. From a psychological point of view, the best days for fasting are Friday or Monday — days before the weekend and after them. Probably, you will not dispute the assertion that on weekends and holidays human eat more food than usually. It’s purely a psychological aspect, which is due to the fact that in periods of idleness the body requires more food than during the normal working days. So it will be good for your health after a hearty meal on Saturday and Sunday to make fasting day on Monday. It is also good to arrange a fasting day on Friday by knowing that during the next two days you will eat as much as you want. The important thing is regularity: giving your stomach a daily rest a week, you can be sure that your weight will be stable within normal limits.

You can organize different fasting days for yourself: it would be better with alkaline mineral water. Or with kefir or green tea.

But if you feel that it is hard for you to eat nothing during fasting day, you can eat buckwheat or oat porridge. It will be also fine.

And one more trick. It is not necessary to start fasting day in the morning. Eat at 4 in the afternoon and then start your fasting day, which will last for twenty-four hours. At 4 o’clock on the next day you can eat something light and thereby end you fasting day easily and painlessly. Good luck!

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