From the viewpoint of Ayurveda, water is a powerful source of energy that will prevent apathy and give a charge of vivacity. A glass of warm water in the morning helps you to wake up and in the evening it helps you to calm.

Water consumed before and after the meal in various ways affects the digestive process. The Vedas say that digestion is based on burning. Food is digested by the fire, so it is like «fire in the stomach.» If we drink before the meal, water extinguishes fire and prevents overeating. Moderate amounts of water during meals help to digest food. According to Ayurveda, you should drink the definite amount of water to fill the stomach by one quarter. If you want to lose weight, you should drink water before dinner, and if you want to keep your weight, drink water during the meal. But you should not drink water immediately after a meal: the fire of digestive goes out slowly, which is undesirable for the body.

To regain a sense of thirst you should comply with specific drinking schedule. The water should be at room temperature. Start with 3-4 glasses a day and every 10 days add one more glass. After a couple of months you will drink about 10 cups a day, excluding water contained in soups, stewed fruits, juices, broths. Water should not be taken in one gulp, but slowly, evenly distributing the daily rate for the whole day. Stop drinking 10 minutes before eating. After the consumption of vegetables, fruits and berries do not drink within 30 minutes. The interval between meal containing starch and another glass of water should be 2 hours; and 3 hours after eating protein meal. During the meal it is not desirable to drink water until you restore a natural sense of thirst. Do not consume sweet fizzy drinks: such water loses its beneficial properties and, in addition, it contains harmful additives.

How do different nations drink water?


• According to statistics, the French drink water most of all. They like mineral water. Nearly half of all residents choose bottled water, perhaps because in France there are a lot of mountain mineral springs.

• The Germans also like to drink mineral water, preferring water from the source in Bonn.

• There is a separate water supply for a specially purified drinking water in Canada.

• Japanese and Americans drink 4-5 glasses of water daily. According to American scientists, 50% of respondents consume insufficient amounts of water and they compensate it for coffee and alcohol.

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