In the mornings there is not enough time always. You need time to wake up, recover, get dressed, pack up and also to have breakfast. You can warm up the dish, that you have prepared the night before or energize yourself with tea or coffee. But you can do the better thing: you can invent a tasty and nutritious alternative to a three-course breakfast. Your new day can begin with the smoothies. Smoothies are whipped mashed vegetables or fruits, in which you can add milk or cream, and mint or ginseng. The idea came to us from Europe: the mistresses, living rhythmic life, understand that a mixture of healthy favorite treats can replace breakfast. In America this mix is so popular that you can buy it almost anywhere (Americans call it «frozen yogurt») and the French use simple and nutritious recipes for weight loss and call smoothies “liquid meal”. So try to cook it by yourself.

Banana-lemon dessert «Two»


Peel and cut into small slices 2 bananas and 2 oranges. Squeeze orange and lemon juices into a blender, put some fruit pulp and add 2 cups of yogurt. You can decorate it with lemon slice.


Smoothie “Vegetables»


Wash 1 tomato and 1 cucumber, cut them into thinly slices, and put into the blender. Add 100 grams of mineral water and green basil. Nutritious beverage is ready.


Such breakfast will be good for the little niece, as well as for grandmother. Except the drinking, do you want to chew something? You can into smoothie solid ingredients (for example, apples and pears). You can combine your favorite fruits and vegetables, playing with different flavor combinations. By the way, smoothie is a great idea not just for breakfast, but also for a home feast, because you can prepare many dishes based on puree and mixtures. It is worth experimenting.

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