In spite of the fact that «Borjomi» is a well-known brand, I propose you today to do the “promotion” of this water. And it is not in advertising sense, but in…

We will need a bottle of «Borjomi»(in glass in order to avoid the squeezing of the bottle) and a basin. As a measuring device we will use a stopwatch.

The first part of the experiment: uncap a bottle of «Borjomi”, pour it into the prepared clean basin by holding vertically upside down. Full time pouring is 9 seconds. The clearness of the basin allows the experimenters and the crew to quench the thirst.

The second part of the experiment: open the second bottle of «Borjomi.» Rotate the bottle smoothly counterclockwise (in order to compensate Coriolis force). Then sharply turn over a bottle of water «Borjomi.» Time pouring in this case is 5 seconds.

Why is it happening this way?


In the first case the water completely occupies the cross of neck of the bottle, which prevents the flow of air into the bottle. But, when we pour water, the pressure in the bottle decreases until the external pressure pushes bubbles of air into the bottle. This process is repeated until the complete pouring of «Borjomi.»

If we pour the spinning water, which is due to centrifugal force «smeared» on the walls of the bottle, so in the neck of the bottle a kind of a tunnel appears, through of which, according to the law of Pascal, atmospheric pressure pushes the water, helping to gravity. It leads to the considerable increase in the rate of discharge.


P.S. I do not recommended to use your throat instead of the basin J And, of course, do not use various alcohol-based liquids instead of «Borjomi»)




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