The injection of genius was invented in Russia

A cure for all ills is found in a glass of water


Scientists believe that in a couple of years a person will reach the peak of its physical and mental abilities and will begin to degrade. But it can be avoided if we will think about the food we consume. Nowadays food has become not just a way of supporting life, but also an energy resource. And experts have already known what we must eat to become an outstanding mathematician or an athlete or to live a hundred years. It’s not about fashion bioadditives, it is about new discoveries.

Has the code been decoded?


Science fiction writers in their works had dreamed of a tablet, which improves mental abilities of the person. Or about a universal cure for all ills at once. It turned out that all this will become a reality in the very near future.


— Special forces of many countries struggling to build pills, which will improve a person’s memory or make a man more sturdy for some time. And these drugs have been already invented. But each of them has its own side effect, — says Dr. Vladimir Vitenko of the Institute of General Genetics. — Some of them are too short-term, others require a prolonged recovery.


Medicine without side effects has not been invented yet. But recent studies show that water will help to prolong life or make an ordinary person a genius.

— Recently an American scientist, Nobel laureate in genetics, found that the DNA has a weak electromagnetic field and it can be transferred to another object by water. The structure of water allows saving the emission of DNA molecules. It is enough to create a small electromagnetic field around the two objects — the donor and recipient. For example, you are drinking a glass of water with the DNA of genius in a room with a certain magnetic field, so your body will be change. Your own DNA is rearranged, and you will be able to take over part of the code of genius and to have his capabilities. It is completely painless.

You can also add any program to a code and codify the water whatever you want: a brave soldier, a good mother, a talented writer and wonderful cook.


The laboratory studies are not finished yet, but it is clear now that these experiments will be revolutionary.


Athletes, great musicians and artists will be able to share their DNA. Healthy people could transfer their DNA to sick ones. Cheerful people — to the pessimists. Hard workers – to lazy people. Even humor can be transmitted in a glass of water.

DNA of donor will be able to cure all ailments, so the medications will not be needed.

— Is it too fantastic?

— Not so long ago nobody could have predicted the emergence of Viagra or birth of control pills. But precisely because of them there was a sexual revolution in the U.S. and Europe. Women have become more relaxed, their clothes more candid; and the concept of monogamy has become an anachronism.


Carrot for an athlete


But what about food? After all, we are what we eat.

— The first scientific researches about the influence of food on people, particularly on the sex and the health of a child, began in the 60s in the U.S.. Then scientists discovered that some kind of food affect on hormone levels by changing the character, temperament, sexual addiction and even mental abilities.


— In the 70’s and 80’s it was discovered that the popular drug for asthma cause diabetes. And that sage is the drug much stronger than marijuana.

And lastly, vegetarianism. Such a diet would be healthy only for people who have kidney problems. In such case it is more difficult for the organism to extract phosphorus from meat. It can lead to heart disease and ultimately to death.


Eternal youth


Sociologists discovered the secret of longevity: healthy nutrition, moving a lot, having a lot of friends, nice hobby and a big family. But scientists are looking for a more effective way to prolong life – a pill.

— The searches of «elixir of youth» are conducted on all continents. Today we know the mechanism of aging, and this is half the battle. In addition, doctors agree on the common view: low-calorie meal prolongs life. But not a diet that reduces life! There is enzyme in our cells that that triggers the countdown of our cells, which are programmed on aging. The more fatty foods we eat, the earlier it switches. In addition, this enzyme is responsible for a number of free radicals in the organism. The more of free radicals, the faster a person gets old.

Now scientists are developing a drug based on this enzyme, which helps slow the aging process.

By the way, the most useful product of rejuvenation is an ordinary apple. It contains polyphenol, which lowers the level of cholesterol in blood. There is also an enzyme in peel of an apple, which neutralize the cancer cells.

-The medication that postpone the aging has not been invented yet. And it appears unlikely in the near future — says Dr. Vitenko, — the mechanism of aging starts at the very birth of the person. How can we stop it?

Well-known futurist Terry Grossman has already predicted that a human would live for 200 years in the future. According to him, the secret of longevity is in nanobearers allowing a person to keep all information about his\her life, not straining in a long sleep, proper food and bio-additives. Plus genetic engineering, cloning and other achievements in medicine, which help people to survive after complex operations and serious illnesses.

Kardiomedicines are developing now. They will help to replace physical training and to force our muscles and joints to work like in the gym.

Also a cure for chronic fatigue and a medicine, which will help us to sleep for 2 hours per day without harm to health, are being invented now.

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