Try to guess what I’ve been thinking to write about in my blog. Huh?



That’s right. I wanted to inform you about how to be a tourist in Georgia. In all aspects. Let’s begin with the food and all related topics. So, even if you haven’t got friends in Georgia and nobody knows you, you can count on an extremely warm welcome and a friendly treatment, as I have repeatedly mentioned that the guest in Georgia is very respectable person.


Firstly, prepare to gain at least five kg after returning home. Or even 10 kg. Because you know about food traditions in this country. And I’m talking not only about the quality and quantity, but also about the variety of food. Georgians serve up so many dishes, that you can only dream about of such range of food.



By the way, if you travel alone and rent an apartment and you’re too lazy to cook and do not want to spend much money on food, so in Tbilisi there is a kind of «home cooking» business, led by private entrepreneurs, who are ordinary citizens of this beautiful country. They love to cook a lot and do good and useful things … By the way, I keep forgetting to tell. In Georgia hundreds of people sincerely love to do useful things free of charge. They do it just in order to make the world better. This is their mentality:)



So, let’s talk about these wonderful citizens. According to the most recent data, you can have a delicious dinner in the price range of about 20 lari for a meal, which is enough for two persons. For example, you with your friend can easily have a meal, which is theoretically intended for one person, but it will be enough, believe me. Such meal contains salad, garnish, meat and even cake.



The owners of such houses are very hospitable people. So you will feel yourself like you are a family member who was absent for a long time… and returned home in order to eat:). You will be asked about everything with the most sincere interest, trust me! In fact, it will be interesting for you not only to tell, but also to listen!



By the way, 20 lari is about 100 hryvnia if you do not know.


Oh, almost forgot! It should be written that Georgians like to drink! The conception of drinking on Georgia is different from the conception in Russia or Ukraine. You will be offered wine in such “home” restaurants. Maybe you will be offered domestic wine or factory wine; in any case in Georgia all wine is very delicious.



And you’ll drink it. And, of course, you’ll get drunk, because «to be able to drink» in Georgian style means to drink a lot, but in such way, so it does not affect your behavior, motor coordination, the degree of legibility of speech and even the quality of driving.



You know, I do not know how they do it. How they drink a lot, but do not get drunk. And how such drinking does not affect health. In my opinion, such skill is in their blood from the birth.



But if a tourist will get drunk, should I explain to you what he needs to do in the morning?



A tourist should go to the supermarket to buy a liter of Borjomi. The environment in Georgia and the air differs from the environment in Russia or Ukraine, so the hangover is much less marked. Borjomi in Georgia can be found everywhere and the price is slightly cheaper than the export version. After Borjomi you forget about hangover, but there is no guarantee that you will remember the previous evening in details:)



So, that is all for today. I’ll take some rest and then I’ll write you the second part of my «guide» about the relations between Georgians and tourists. There will not be wine and food 🙂


Good bye!

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