In today’s world human body is under water fasting: for the most part it is because of the peculiarities of the environment in which we live, the dehydrating effect of conditioned air and because of food we eat. We have accustomed not just to quench thirst, but also to extract any additional effect from beverages: a pleasant taste of soft drinks, tonic properties of coffee or tea. We have forgotten how to drink water.

My beverages


Two or three cups of coffee or tea during the day, a small bottle of mineral water – this is all liquid which we consume every day. But what about juices or milk that are advertised as a guarantee of health? «Fruit juices do not contain a sufficient amount of water needed to maintain the water balance of the body, — said PhD, a gastroenterologist and a nutritionist Valery Sergeev. Meanwhile the consumption of water is necessary in order to absorb and break down sugars and proteins. When we are drinking milk or juices, some amount of water contained in them is used for digestion of sugars and proteins contained in the drink itself.» Moreover, sugar is added into the packages of the most juices, which causes thirst and creates an additional «sugar» burden on the pancreas, and also acid — citric, ascorbic and synthesized vitamins. Carbonated beverages often include corn syrup, which contains a large amount of fructose, that is transformed into triglycerides (building material for body fat), but not into glucose, which is the fuel for the brain. Now about the milk: its protein is digested for a long time, and for the splitting of lactose (milk sugar) enzyme lactase is required, which is not produced in the body of every person. Fresh juices are healthy, but they are also a kind of artificial drink. It would be healthier to eat the whole fruit with cellulose contained in it. All in all, drinking water cannot be replaced by other liquids.


Trust your feelings


According the adepts of yoga, our water fasting is associated with the fact that we have forgotten how to listen to the signals of the body, so we quench your thirst with two or three sips of water. We are accustomed to three meals and we hardly know how to feel hunger and we not have the habit of regular consumption of water. Usually we are aware of thirst when your body is feeling the big lack of liquid and it begins to tell it in full force. Following the idea of yoga, you can try from time to time to make a break in order to concentrate on the sensations of the body and ask yourself: Do I want water? Here is one more simple recommendation especially for those, who have problems with water retention or feeling symptoms of dehydration of the skin, hair and nails: when you feel thirsty, give up soft drinks and juices in favor of pure water.


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