Like any normal human being, who cares about his health, I regularly go to the gym. Until now. So, the situation was common. I usually took a bag of clothes, one player in order not to get bored, one friend in order to secure me against dumbbells and one subscription to the gym, which is situated on our street. Three times a week. From eight to ten. Briskly, but without fanaticism. Still, we are not professional athletes.

It lasted until the Christmas and New Year holidays, during of which no decent person doesn’t even think about gym apparatus.

My fellow and I decided to renew our sporting pastime after the holidays due to gaining extra weight. So we came to the familiar gym and… saw an advertisement on the door «Closed for reconstruction.» Short and clear. No end date of repair or the sense of reconstruction.

Of course, we were not happy at the sudden repair at all. And we are not used to just give up good habits, so we decided to find a new place for training. As in the fairy tales they say: “worse than ever”. So we took a bottle of Borjomi and went to look for sport club.

Firstly we decided to search sport gyms in the Internet. There was a lot of offers and all offers were «not expensive», «with a wide choice,» for every taste». In general, all is as usual. You will not understand what gym you need until you try training in it. As a result, we chose a few fitness clubs relying solely on their geographic location. Well, just in order not to go to the other end of city.

So, the first gym impressed us by its huge «rock climbing walls”. We had not planned climbing over the rocks, but we have noted this gym. In fact, there are rock climbing walls in many fitness centers in Prague, and their location is quite well-thought out. Just think: it is difficult to focus on pumping iron while someone is climbing on the walls above you. It is possible that smth heavy can fall on your head and that will be all — adieu! I understand that anything heavier than helmets or boots could not fall down on you, however, it is scary. The only thing that has pleased is prices. Pay 600 crowns per month and do whatever you want. For example, you can run on the track or climbing the walls. All included.


The second gym was much better that the first one. Of course, the price was much higher. 1000 crowns. Apparently, the owners believe that they combine two advantages: good quality of the house and the ability to pay for training in any form. The center has a gym, velodrome and three halls for squash. What can I say? The gym is comfortable and all kinds of equipment of exercises are available, but the hall with exercises machines is not large as it should be. 5-7 persons in the hall deprive of training comfort. Queues. Maybe for sports parties and those who go in fitness clubs for new acquaintances it is good, but not for us. So we went on. We walked for quite a long time, because in some gyms price didn’t match the quality or the quality lagged behind the prices. In this sense, the Czech Republic does not differ from native Ukraine.

Approximately after the seventh fitness club I frankly got tired of our sports travel, so I suggested my friend to change the rules of searching. Because of the fact, that the level of «below medium” does not suit us and “medium” level cannot offer anything intelligible, we chose to search for luxury level. You never know. Of course, it will be more expensive than in our comfortable gym on the street, but I cannot see the other way. If we want comfort, we should pay.



So we went to the 4-storey enormous building. In general, building and equipment of the halls are at a very high level.

In the basement there are dressing rooms and a sauna, on the ground floor there are reception with a bar and horizontal solarium, on the second floor there are cardio machines and exercise equipment for the back, on the third floor is a gym, on the fourth floor there is hall for aerobics and boxing. Number of exercises machines is impressive. Also there is a huge amount of barbells and dumbbells. In general, my friend and I have got in the idyll of fitness. And then we were told about the prices. Prices range from 6000 to 10000 for an annual subscription. And they don’t want to hear about one-time visit or a subscription for one month. As I understood, everything here was for people, who constantly train. They don’t want to see here customers and tourists who wanted “just to try”. On the one hand, it is good to have a list of permanent customers, but on the other hand, I do not understand: at the expense of what the number of these customers increases? (except our case)

Frankly, we were discussing for a long time whether to remain in the fitness club or keep looking.  Compared with our old gym, the prices here are high. But the variety of exercise machines is much greater. But here is not so comfortable because of quite a big amount of people. But there are no queues. But … In the end, comparing all the «But», we have decided to stay here and fork out for 2 annual subscription.


So the question:”Where to go to pump iron?” is no longer relevant for us.


And for those, who are still searching for gym, I offer a list of 230 Prague fitness gyms.



Maintain a healthy lifestyle! Moreover, the Czech Republic contributes to it.


P.S .


Yesterday while I was walking near our old gym, I saw an advertisement. «Opened after reconstruction. Welcome.” Well, sometimes I have to be patient.))

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