It seems that famous women are timeless. But their beautiful appearance is the result of proper care. Sophia Loren is one of the most beautiful women in the world. The secrets of beauty of Sophia Loren helped her over the years to remain the standard of elegance. The actress believes that the appearance of woman is in her hands.

So what are the secrets of the beauty of Sophia Loren?


Simple ways to preserve the beauty



The secrets of beauty of Sophia Loren helped her to keep beauty and charm, reaching a mature age. By the way, the star does not hide her age and she doesn’t even trying to seem younger. She behaves naturally and she says that she has no special secret methods to combat aging. Star says that you just have to live in harmony with the surrounding world and with yourself, go in for sports. Eat healthy food, dress up nicely and get enough sleep.


The Day of the Star


So, here are the beauty secrets of Sophia. Star goes to bed at nine o’clock at night and wakes up at six in the morning. She does daily morning exercises. The actress does not smoke, do not abuse alcohol, does not eat fried food. She believes that the body needs enough moisture, so she takes daily two liters of mineral water. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and preserve skin elasticity. In addition, Sophia Loren eats a glass of yogurt with a spoon of brewer’s yeast daily. According to the actress, this meal makes hair shine and makes the skin more elastic.


The properties of moist humid air


Sophia Loren believes that the hot air is harmful for the skin. It dries and promotes the formation of wrinkles. That is why there is humidifier in her home. If you do not have such device, then you can put a vessel of water on the battery. In addition, there must be a lot of indoor plants, which also help to moisten the air.


Skin nutrition


You should feed your skin with creams and lotions. Movie star cleans the skin by using cream, but she also doesn’t forget about use of soap and water. In the morning after washing the face she applies a light cream, and before bedtime puts a layer of nourishing cream on the cleansed skin. The actress removes eye makeup by using vegetable oil and then she puts cream containing vitamin A on the skin of eyelid.


The ration of the actress


The actress organizes fasting days every three months. During two days she only drinks juice with no sugar and eats fresh fruits. In such case the body cleans itself and the immune system strengthens. In addition, according to Sophia Loren, such cleaning procedure helps to slow down the aging process. The star advices for those, who care about the slimness of the figure, to eat one pineapple. Substance contained in this fruit promotes weight loss and regenerates skin cells. Actress follows healthy nutrition. She does not deny the Italian pasta to herself if this dish is served with vegetables. According to Sophia Loren, the main thing is not to not abuse the fatty sauces, not to eat a lot of calories at one time, but to control the sizes of portion.


Hair care



The actress believes that the hair needs special attention. It is important to take care of hair at home. Sophia Loren carefully brushes her hair many times in the morning. Before the winding of hair in curlers, she keeps them moist and sprinkles with toilet water. In such care hair smell good and alcohol helps to dry hair faster. While Sophie dresses and applies makeup, hair dries. As the result, her hair always looks well-groomed.

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