1. First and foremost, that this kind of transport does not cause harm to the environment.

2. Another one thing is benefit for our health. We’ll discuss it in details.

Certainly, every student knows that riding a bike is energy-consuming task. Such physical activity contributes to the strengthening of muscles, including cardiac muscle; in addition, the respiratory processes are improved, which have beneficial effects on metabolism. And with the right «dosage» cycling is available for children (from 6 years old) and for elderly people.

If you face the question: «To buy a bicycle or not to buy?”, we will bring you compelling reasons in favor of «yes».

Check at least one fad from the list below, which reinforce the vitality of your body:



• Poor environment, including air exhaust fumes in transport;

• Crazy rhythm of the city, as a consequence of nerve overload;

• hard work;

• sedentary work as «office clerk», etc.



We think nothing of the above is suitable for a phrase «adds vitality”, rather the opposite – these all take the strength. Add to this home care: children, husband, laundry, cleaning, ironing — just head spin!

That is why you should think about physical activity on the fresh air in a green park. Modern rhythm of life forces our bodies to «transform», so modern human has a huge reserve of energy. So let’s spend this energy for the benefit of our health.


1. Let’s start with the fact that cycling has a good influence on our heart and nervous system. At a time when you pedal your bike or exercise bike, heart muscle begins to contract more intensely, so that we «train» the heart muscle, increasing its endurance. The important thing is to not overdo with it. Cycling is the best way to escape from everyday worries, it also has a wonderful effect on your nervous system and it promotes removal of nervous tension and stress.

2. Cycling is good for the respiratory system. When you are riding a bike, you breathe more actively; it is a kind of «ventilation» of lungs; blood enriches with oxygen. This in turn affects the capacity for work and memory, because the brain is saturated with oxygen. Moreover, such an active breathing reduces the risk of «lung» disease. Such kind of sport will be especially healthy for smokers. The fact that while the active breathing and the aeration of lungs, lungs release of toxins substances contained in tobacco.

3. Cycling is good for leg muscles. The best way to tighten and to keep in tone your muscles of the buttocks and thighs is riding a bike. Make your bicycle travels regularly and you will notice the difference. Your legs will be in tone. Another plus in favor of the «bicycle» is getting rid of the varicose disease. Cycling is extremely beneficial for people suffering from this insidious disease. When you make a rotational movement of your feet by pressing on the pedal, the blood much more quickly circulates through the blood vessels.

4. Cycling is good for your vision. Yeah, yeah, do not be surprised. In this aspect there are a lot of advantages. The thing is that we constantly have to «watch» on all sides, focusing our gaze on the possible obstacles, and it’s a good exercise for the eye muscles, which greatly reduces the risk of myopia.


Well, it is that convincing, isn’t it? You should also follow these rules:


• Do not cycle immediately after a meal.


• Watch for the appearance of pain in the knee joints, regulate the load, or combine cycling with rest.

• Important! To prevent dehydration provide your body with a sufficient quantity of liquid when you are going cycling. Take a bottle of mineral water with you.

• Adjust the steering wheel and seat for a comfortable ride. Check the brakes!

• Before the trip do a few squats in order to prepare your muscles for the ride.


Well, perhaps that’s all. The choice is yours! Be healthy!

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