In winter people often go to the catering establishments. Maybe every person likes to go to cafes and restaurants with friends, relatives or colleagues. It is a wonderful thing, but one problem can spoil all: you have to stick to the diet.

So what shall we do: stay at home or give up a diet and go to the café to order light salad and water? All these variants are completely unacceptable, because the only thing you should do is to follow some rules that will help you to have a great time and not to spoil the process of losing weight.

In order to stick to the diet it is necessary to follow the two rules: «behavioral» and «food».

The first rule focuses on «how to eat properly», and the second one focuses on the products, which we should choose correctly.

«Behavioral» rule


Do not eat using your hands


It’s been proved that when you eat food by using your hands, it is likely that you will overeat. Therefore it is necessary to abstain from the light snack while waiting for the order in the restaurant. You can order a glass of Borjomi to expedite the waiting time.


Refuse buffet


Buffet is not good for your figure. A person would never take only a salad from the buffet, he\she will grab everything.


Divide one dish between two persons


The portions in many restaurants are big enough, so just ask for dish divided into two portions.


If you are filled up, do not eat your portion to the end


If you think that you will offend the cook if you don’t eat the whole portion, ask the waiter for the rest of the dish to be wrapped with you. You will offend no one and you will save some money. It is known that Hollywood stars follow this rule, so do not be ashamed.


«Food» rule


It is clear that it is better to eat chicken instead of pork, fresh fruits instead of cakes, so let’s get to the other facts.


Vegetable is not always healthy and dietetic product


Vegetable salad is generally perceived as harmless and low-calorie food, but it is not always right. Because, for example, to the salad usually add oil crackers, hot sauce, meat, cheese. And all these ingredients will automatically make the salad nutritious. Remember it.


Seasoning is important


Almost every salad is seasoned with mayonnaise, which is harmful for the figure. You should be sure to ask what the seasoning will be in the salad. And if it is not vegetable oil, then ask the waiter to bring you the seasoning separately, then put a little amount of it in the salad by yourself.


Vegetable Soup


If you want to eat the soup, it must be chicken soup or vegetable soup. Such coups are healthy and they are a great alternative to fatty soups.


Cocktails and alcoholic drinks


Among the alcoholic drinks you can choose beer or dry wine as a small deviation from the diet.


It is so simple! Have a nice trip to the restaurant!

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