There is no meal, which can be eaten without alcoholic beverages. So let’s consider the compatibility of such beverages with different dishes. When you give the beverage, you should focus on the compatibility of the drink and the dish. Juices can be a good addition to the dishes and they can replace alcoholic drinks.

You can serve lemon juice, carrot juice or white grapes juice to your guests. Dishes with fish are eaten well with plum juice, lemon juice and cranberry juice. Tomato, pomegranate, red grape and plum juices will be good with meat dishes. Sweet juices with fruits and berries will be good with desserts.


The beverage shouldn’t not be taken immediately after the serving. Juices are served in conical cups; juices should be taken in small sips. Kvass and fruit drinks are served in wineglasses or goblets. It is not recommended to drink beverage by throwing back your head. Etiquette suggests wiping your lips with a napkin before you drink a beverage. Before pouring the water to the guests, the neck of the bottle should be wiped. In order not to spill a drink on the tablecloth, you should make a rotational movement of the bottle towards yourself.

Mineral water will be suitable for any dish. It can be mixed with fruit juices (apple, grape, grapefruit). Sweet carbonated drinks are not suitable for the dishes, because flavors can override the taste of food.

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